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Project: 'Third Organ'

'Third Organ'

Wearable instrument

Project: 17bowls


A percussion rack of 17 untuned mixing bowls playable and triggered by solenoids.

Project: A Room Full of Unique Musical Instruments

A Room Full of Unique Musical Instruments

A collection of musical instruments. Including strings, woodwinds, and lamellophones. Mostly built out of household items.

Project: AC Symphony

AC Symphony

AC Symphony is an instrument that allows the musician to play AC powered appliances. The control center is an AC sequencer that plays all the appliances in sequence.

Project: Acrylic musical instruments

Acrylic musical instruments

I made some musical instruments made of acrylic. They are musical instruments in the shape of turtles and ladybugs and electronic drums.

Project: Aerodrones


Aerodrones is a sonic Performance of about 30 minutes, performed by a musician and an extravagant wind instrument, specially designed for the piece.

Project: Alibombo


Alibombo is a laboratory for experimentation with the sound of things, we don't make music, we find it

Project: Augmented Appalachian Banjo

Augmented Appalachian Banjo

Jonathan Reus' recent work focuses on the five-string banjo, a historically complex musical instrument that can be thought of as a map of material-embodied cultures. By augmenting the 5-string banjo with embedded sensing technologies and digital sound pr…

Project: Bandoneón Experimental

Bandoneón Experimental

Performance for experimental and electronic Bandoneon.

Project: Barney Baschet

Barney Baschet

Aprés Baschet sound sculpture created with parts scavenged from the collection of Barney Haynes.

Project: Bass marimbula/cajón

Bass marimbula/cajón

A sit-upon box that can be played as a traditional cajón with built-in snare, or as a marimbula, which is something like a bass thumb piano on steroids.



Tiny Table Bass

Project: Blown Pixel

Blown Pixel

Blown Pixels are free range percussion modules acting singularly or in groups to create polyrhythmic structures.

Project: Bodyharp


Bodyharp, a movement-based musical instrument, borrows musical gestures from string instruments and extends them with dance gestures.

Project: Bowling Ball Bass

Bowling Ball Bass

A playable sculpture made from various reclaimed materials.

Project: Bukabog


Bukabog is a industrial/acousmatic/sound-art project that uses (mostly) DIY sound-bodies to explore the physicality of sound-objects, i.e. its textures, density, volume etc, and the infinite possibilities of relations among them.

Project: Cabot Project

Cabot Project

I made a portable percussion robot "cabot." Cabot plays cajon (wooden drum box). Solo musicians (e.g. acoustic guitar player) can enjoy acoustic session with cabot any-time & any-where they want.

Project: Chachi's Drumbot

Chachi's Drumbot

My first song written for a vertical acoustic drum machine I created this year. Percussion composed by Stephen Slater, with melodic accompaniment on Tenori-On and TB-303 by Chachi Jones.

Project: Chrysaora


Steel structure with jellyfish crocheted with copper. Perpetual motion Using a mechanism. Sound recording and processing.

Project: Cicadas


Cicadas is a noise~rompler, and rompler is an electronic musical instrument that plays pre-fabricated sounds based on audio samples .. Each of Cicada has two ways to change pre-fabricated sound: by a potentiometer and by photo~resistor .. Different Cicad…

Project: Cocréer avec la Nature grâce à la musique!

Cocréer avec la Nature grâce à la musique!

Establish a connection with Nature thanks to a box that transcribes the vibrations of a plant or a tree into audible sounds.

Project: Composing [De]Composition

Composing [De]Composition

Composing [De]Composition is a sonically-oriented BioArt research project that uses home compost as a rich site for creative exploration and sonic expression.

Project: Disco Erosion

Disco Erosion

Acoustic kick drum Autonomously performs house music

Project: Dolce Risveglio

Dolce Risveglio

.. cello, double bass, guitarron .. I don't know ! This is my first loud tool of 2023 :) .. violoncello, contrabbasso, guitarron .. non lo so ! Questo è il mio primo strumento rumoroso del 2023 :)

Project: drift


Drift explores the boundaries and intersections between control and collapse, dissipation and resonance, reflection and transmission. It is a big self-resonating feedback mirror made from stainless steel driven by an air coupled 4×10″ speaker.

Project: DriftX


DriftX is a four/eight channel voice switcher governed by the chance effects of wind, light and touch timing cycles.

Project: Dronemachines


A series of droning, textural instruments using reclaimed materials to create circular pickups and string arrays.

Project: Drum Bugs

Drum Bugs

Percussion Boards in the style of Tom Nunn's Bug EPBs (Electroacoustic Percussion Boards).

Project: Drummer in a Suitcase

Drummer in a Suitcase

"Samson" is a portable percussion unit housed in a vintage suitcase. It can be remotely controlled by any Bluetooth MIDI enabled sequencer.

Project: Eclipse


Sound art performance using hand-made instruments on the floor of Canessa gallery inspired by the solar eclipse of 2017.

Project: Ed Devane

Ed Devane

An improvised lofi ambient techno performance using custom controllers, sensors and instrument. Sounds designed and sequenced on the fly.

Project: Electric Stringed Didgeridoo

Electric Stringed Didgeridoo

Enter the Vortex is a composition I wrote using the electric Stringed Didgeridoo, an unique instrument I created in 2004.

Project: Electroacoustic Polychord

Electroacoustic Polychord

A stringed instrument with feedback is formed from a plurality of very long music wires with custom-made, stereo pickup and driving transducers (that was the actual patentable improvement) located at opposite ends of the strings.

Project: Ewen d'Aviau - Accordion and instrument creator

Ewen d'Aviau - Accordion and instrument creator

Suffering myself from Dyslexia, dyspraxia and dysmusia, I have been since 2010 several tolls for helping myself to compensate the problems inherent to this particularity and finally build and create musical instruments and modular tools for helpings othe…

Project: Follower


The Follower is a kinetic based ambient sound sculpture.

Project: Found the sound

Found the sound

For several decades, I tracked down all kinds of sonic creatures. Often in the form of musical improvisations, I give birth to these noisy creatures by installing electronic objects and constructions. It also happens that I come across them in my daily w…

Project: FrankenGuitars Project

FrankenGuitars Project

Exploration of noise production (both acoustically and electronically), through wasted guitars intervened with various objects such as aluminum cans and rulers, graters, rocks, bells and much more.

Project: Gaboon Vampire

Gaboon Vampire

A headless chest-worn 5-string electric viola, inspired by the design of the Mark Wood Violins Viper, with strandberg guitar tuners on the custom-designed tailpiece and locking hinges on the wings for additional adjustability.

Project: generative loops

generative loops

A series of generative/drone instruments

Project: Guilted Manse

Guilted Manse

A project presented by the band Silica Gel. The combination of our homemade instruments is intertwined with how we write music. This presentation of our work in this project is a combination of our song writing mixed with instrument building.

Project: Hackoustic


Community of Artists, Makers, Researchers and Developers all working in Sound and Audio

Project: In Vivo

In Vivo

In Vivo presents an immersive audio-visual installation that utilizes the theory of vibration modes of acoustic instruments, physical sound modeling, and projection mapping.

Project: Ingres


Ingres - Mannequin instrument

Project: instrumental creatures

instrumental creatures

Series of sculptures made available in the space to be activated with the participation of the public mediated by the artist.

Project: JazzCaster


In December it came to my mind the desire to make a guitar... with paper !   
My main objective was to design a structure that could resist the tension of the strings, my second objective was to design a structure that would hold the tuning so that I c…

Project: Keytiles


Keytiles are weather proof stand alone sensors and tone bars.

Project: Klolaborationsorgel


The Kloboration Organ is a playable music installation that consists of several elements. The elements were each developed, collected and built with different people and initiatives from the House of Materialization at Alexanderplatz.

Project: Knurl


Knurl is a reprogrammable hybrid cello with 16 strings, bow tracking and solar panels.

Project: Kraut Kontrol

Kraut Kontrol

A unique sculptural instrument.

Project: Laikabot laikamaker

Laikabot laikamaker

Research on the manufacture of musical instruments for the band's own use, mixing traditional luthieria techniques with digital fabrication. We've using a combination of traditional and prototypes instruments in live presentations and recordings, searchi…

Project: Les Boîtes Mécaniques

Les Boîtes Mécaniques

In 1913 Luigi Russolo created an orchestra of noises with strange machines. In 2017, we will play on Mechanical Boxes. Robotic instruments that allow remote controls to trigger a crazy course of marbles, a wood / metal xylophone, a vibrating plate or eve…

Project: Making Sound Art In The Shower with mikewindy

Making Sound Art In The Shower with mikewindy

Using the retractable clothes hanging line in the shower at a hotel in Orlando Florida to create a diddley bow.

Project: Marbles of Misfortune

Marbles of Misfortune

A playful machine that uses the random nature of physics to trigger musical events.

Project: Mariano S. Alvarez

Mariano S. Alvarez

Imaginary soundscape from a place that resambles sonic atmosphere of Córdoba inside my mind

Project: Maximillian


Maximillian features a DIY electrified drum set aptly named "Maximillian." The kit consists of an orange leather Maximillian suitcase with other ad hoc drums permanently attached with various pickups for each sound. Maximillian is also the first piece w…

Project: MH/CH Gestural Interface Project

MH/CH Gestural Interface Project

MH/CH are a pair of bespoke glove controllers constructed with Teensy microcontrollers and a variety of sensors designed specifically for gestural live electronics performance in higher-order ambisonics. This project includes documentation of their use …

Project: Midi Controlled Toy Piano & Drumset

Midi Controlled Toy Piano & Drumset

Composition 1 for Midi Controlled Toy Piano & Drumset

Project: Modular Fiddle

Modular Fiddle

An acoustic violin 3d printed using consumer grade FDM 3d Printer and common thermoplastic polymer (PLA).

Project: MotorDrone


A small DC motor with a monofilament pick mechanism, think weed whacker, strums a single stringed monochord.

Project: Needle Nails

Needle Nails

With record styli at your fingertips, play up to 4 or 5 grooves of a record at once!

Project: Negentropyka


It's an instrument who playing an aleatory music with an infinit poesie (in french)

Project: No Strings Guitar (NSG)

No Strings Guitar (NSG)

No Strings Guitars are modular instruments for experimentation and improvisation. NSG’s consist of a guitar body (no neck necessary!) with magnets embedded between the pickups for mounting interchangeable modular “sounding devices” designed for speedy in…

Project: Noise Contraption of DOOM!

Noise Contraption of DOOM!

Electric Noise Maker. Different sounds are achieved by tapping, hitting, flexing springs and scraping against the parts of the contraption.

Project: NSEW


NSEW is an indoor weather vane which generates midi data based on the movement of people and HVAC building systems.

Project: Of Land and Sea

Of Land and Sea

When I first began investigating the musical potential of natural objects I simply duct-taped microphones to rocks, shells, bones, wood, pinecones, and leaves, and attempted to rub, tap, bow, brush, and tickle new sounds out of them. I soon realized thes…

Project: Opaline


“Opaline” is a solo for vibraphone, live electronics and two snare drums.

Project: Os Barbapapas

Os Barbapapas

The Electric Glass Harp and the Tacho Guitar come together with a set of acoustic and electronic drums.

Project: Pandemic Box

Pandemic Box

A percussive Instrument with five signal chains.

Project: Pedrosas Soundtrack

Pedrosas Soundtrack

Live or recorded performance playing a set of sound instruments that I build with precarious resources, sound effect pedals and recordings.

Project: Phonoharp


Phonoharps use the turntable both as a source of sound, and as a way to directly amplify the vibration of the strings.

Project: Porcapizza


An Italian one-man-band playing several instruments that he builds himself out of recycled materials, recording and looping sounds and singing and broken english and stuff :)

Project: Portable Street Piano (PSP)

Portable Street Piano (PSP)

Fred liked the idea of a portable miniature prepared piano so we built one. The PSP features short lengths of 3-string courses amplified with flat-pack humbuckers, built into a trumpet case for portability. Magnets and other implements are used to prepar…

Project: Post Hole Tone Music Box (PHTMB)

Post Hole Tone Music Box (PHTMB)

A wine box with contact microphones amplifying several “playing fields”. The instrument arose from an experiment to amplify holes played by a finger swipe - hence the name. There’s a post on which various elements can be mounted, a clamping bridge in whi…

Project: Post-Electronic Sound Explorations

Post-Electronic Sound Explorations

Post-electronic music philosophy and acoustic hacking has been an enduring interest of Oscillatorial Binnage member Daniel Wilson for two decades. At post-electronic workshops and lectures around the world, acoustic analogues of electronic processes were…

Project: Prepared Guitar Ensemble

Prepared Guitar Ensemble

Founded in 2019 by San Francisco based composer Matt Robidoux, Prepared Guitar Ensemble is a collaboration with Creativity Explored, a studio-based collective that partners with people with developmental disabilities to nurture and celebrate creative pot…

Project: Pulse//Wave


Pulse//Wave is a sound installation created by Michele Abolaffio and Giuliano Anzani which explores the sonic nature of bodies and objects. It invites the audience to connect themselves to a wooden structure and establish an intimate dialogue through sou…

Project: Pyera


Pyera is an interactive acoustic installation, inspired by savoyard "tapets".

Project: RadioVac


RadioVac is a loop-cycling RF search light intended as a textural element in broader compositions.

Project: Resin Records

Resin Records

Taking pre-existing records, cutting them up, mixing and reassembling the pieces, forming a silicone mold around the new frankenrecord, and then pouring resin into the mold along with embedded objects.

Project: Resonance In Light

Resonance In Light

Resonance In Light is an experiment in meditative immersion. Sonically anchored by Gamelatron Roh Ageng, the four Bay Area artists join Aaron Taylor Kuffner in the creation of an interactive environment where the aural tones of this Gamelatron influence …

Project: Resonating Objects

Resonating Objects

I create interactive, multi-sensory sculptures and installations layered in sound and gesture.

Project: RhythmScope


A graphic to audio clocking - beat generator.

Project: rickenoise


I love Rickenbacker .. and i made my own loud ricken noise.

Project: RoboUke Prototype Improvisations

RoboUke Prototype Improvisations

Man/Machine Duet on a Ukeulele prepared with MIDI controlled solenoids.

Project: Scrap Arts Music

Scrap Arts Music

We start with some SCRAP then 'transform' it through the ARTS of sculpture, choreography and film, to create an unforgetable live MUSIC experience. Five athletic musicians perform with 145 mobile invented instruments -- all hand-made by co-founder and…

Project: Seeded Plain performance

Seeded Plain performance

Online performance by Seeded Plain. Seeded plain is an improvisational duo featuring pieces performed on invented instruments build from repurposed household objects.

Project: Semi automated electric guitar duet

Semi automated electric guitar duet

A semi automated electric guitar designed to be simultaneously played by an improvising musician and mechanised from a computer

Project: Serinette


"Serinettes" were obscure mechanical musical instruments from the 18th century. During this time, french aristocrats used these devices to teach captive canaries to sing different melodies (how decadent is that?) The instrument consisted in a small woode…

Project: Silverware Silver Tone Box Guitar

Silverware Silver Tone Box Guitar

Two broken guitars mashed together to make one functional guitar.

Project: Skull Fire Ash

Skull Fire Ash

A mixing of the old and new forms of music that further extends how we understand and listen. We will do this by building and reshaping what we can do with new technology and older forms of music so we can explore a new language.

Project: Slap-Thwacker


A single string bass made from two cello fingerboards kindly passed on to us from the late Paul Hostetter’s atelier. We later made another version with reclaimed maple handrail. This instrument was originally conceived as a no-hassle performance inst…

Project: Solo Guitar Duo

Solo Guitar Duo

Two electric guitars feedback through 8 speakers as 4 amplifiers are automated on and off.



The sound artist and inventor of instruments TAPETRONIC invites you to build a totally unusual marbles course! You will build with your own hands a circuit made of recycled everyday objects and hijacked electronic instruments. Through ingenious systems, …

Project: Sonic Circuit Sculptures

Sonic Circuit Sculptures

Helen Leigh is an educator, writer and artist who has created a series of sonic circuit sculptures which experiment with sound in combination with freeform, organic-looking electronics.

Project: SpinCycle


The Spincycle is a stereo EMF reader designed to leverage damaged cell phones as sound objects.

Project: Springophone


The Springophone is a device made of tuned springs set up like a keyboard on 2 octaves. These springs can be plucked, pulled, caressed, hit, eaten... An array of onboard effects and filters allow to create a wide range of unexpected sounds.

Project: Steel Shoes

Steel Shoes

Steel Shoes is an electro-acoustic installation/instrument which uses the natural qualities of high carbon steel and concrete to generate ambient progressions and resonance.

Project: Super Strut Bandsaw Bass (SSBB)

Super Strut Bandsaw Bass (SSBB)

Sudhu has been collecting bandsaw blades for musical purposes for years. Super Strut Bandsaw Bass was a quick test to see if it might be possible to play a tensioned bandsaw blade (similar to Andy Graham’s SlapStick). The experiment was a success and so …

Project: SWING'ALG


Living beings, in particular the plants, contain circulating water that produces an electrical activity. The electric current can be transcoded in music notes. The melody that is obtained seems to contain proteodies.

Project: Tabletop microtonal harp

Tabletop microtonal harp

Tabletop harp with crossed bass strings that can be tuned microtonally

Project: Tara


Tara is DIY mono string instrument from tincan rubbish and one guitar string.

Project: Thai music band with robot made with hard disk arms

Thai music band with robot made with hard disk arms

It follows the principle of electro-magnet for movements, to hit, to pluck, or to close and open the airway of the various musical instruments. This is done by the collaboration of the reading arm of the hard disk and the wire coil with permanent magne…

Project: The Book of Knowledge of Impractical Musical Devices

The Book of Knowledge of Impractical Musical Devices

Three instruments that each take fundamental limitations to their natural conclusions. It is fully open source, both technically and conceptually with all code available for download and a series of essays which describe the background for each one.

Project: The Glockenwheel

The Glockenwheel

The concept was to take Glockenspiel bars, and instead of striking them, motorize them so that they strike something.

Project: The Pluralistic Soloton Orchestra

The Pluralistic Soloton Orchestra

A piano in the center of an installtion with 45 other instruments. They are all attached to the keyboard with cords and can be played.

Project: The Record that Plays Itself

The Record that Plays Itself

A record is made with a copper voice coil embedded within itself, transforming it into a speaker through which it can play itself.



The first movement of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring for Automated Toy Piano

Project: The YAK


The YAK is a piano-string / spring / meccano spare parts soundtool. Recorded with the LOM Geofon and an Ehrlund EHR-E.

Project: Tierods


Tierods are individual sending units made from 6' to 9 foot sections of threaded rod mounted to a resonator.

Project: Tin Can Luminary and the Orchestra of the Unwanted

Tin Can Luminary and the Orchestra of the Unwanted

Music composed for unique instruments that I create from recycled materials and found objects.

Project: Transducer Amphitheater

Transducer Amphitheater

banjer is my most recent solo project. It involves my prepared and extended banjo practice, as well as my recently newfound love for tape cassettes as a musical instrument.

Project: Tri Swodho

Tri Swodho

Tri swodho is DIY instrument from industrial rubbish,the raw material are pallet wood and tin can from water dispenser/heater.

Project: Tubes


This modular musical instrument is composed of six percussive tubes. Each one of them is motorized, amplified and connected to a sensor, so they can play music depending on the interaction with the public. For now, Tubes is an installation piece but due …

Project: Variable Mills Brothers

Variable Mills Brothers

The Mills Brothers are wind sensing modules used in various combinations to generate auditory event sequences.

Project: Waterbowls


Aesthetically and sonically based on meditative singing bowls, this instrument responds to proximity and capacitive touch data to create sonorous resonating tones when played. The tonal characteristics of each bowl morph the longer they’re sustained for …