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Project: 202 Drum Kit

202 Drum Kit

The 202 drum kit - a circuit bent toy drum



New Music by Old Phones The fun of making music with familiar sounds around us.

Project: Baby Doll demonstration

Baby Doll demonstration

Children's doll is powered through an amp to create distorted versions of its usual words.

Project: Cantarutti Bentstrumentos

Cantarutti Bentstrumentos

We create and build musical instruments reporpousing broken and abandoned toys, obsolete electronics devices and everyday discards.

Project: Circuit Bending Brazil

Circuit Bending Brazil

Circuit Bending Brazil Music Casio Sk-8 Instruments DIY criation by Raphaela Elpidio

Project: circuit bending music

circuit bending music

Using Casio sk-10 circuit bending, theremin optico,drone synth.commodore c64, amplify groovebox.

Project: Circuit Bending music and Digital Painting

Circuit Bending music and Digital Painting

Circuit Bending music by Laureano Cantarutti and Digital Painting by Valentina Martinez Gallino

Project: Circuit-bending Art Movement

Circuit-bending Art Movement

It’s an honor for me to introduce to all of you Reed Ghazala, Father of Circuit Bending: * He’s a multimedia artist: author, photographer, composer, musician. * He has built experimental sculptural instruments for different renowned artists and compa…

Project: Deep Rooted by Clare Phelps and freeform delusion

Deep Rooted by Clare Phelps and freeform delusion

A fusion of artistic mediums, circuit bending and arcylic painting

Project: Dr Gwon's Noisy Creatures

Dr Gwon's Noisy Creatures

NOISY CREATURES is music made with CircuitBent toys and hand made evil noisy electronic musical instruments.

Project: Droide Zen

Droide Zen

Sound art and electroacoustic musical experimentation.

Project: Earth Sequencer

Earth Sequencer

A circuit bent alarm clock that functions as a non-repeating sequence generator.

Project: Fake Pedals

Fake Pedals

Transforming weird and recycled objects into guitar effects and music instruments.

Project: Floral Buzz 1000

Floral Buzz 1000

A circuit bent synth for spring time. A hybrid of Daffodils, the humble bumblebee and lots of circuit bent glitch-ness.

Project: Free Floh

Free Floh

Free floh is a sound performance of circuit bent toys controlled by a canoe. The idea is to find toys from local second hand shops and bend them into the city’s river. With this project we experience the duality between noise coming from bent toys an…

Project: Ghost Sensations

Ghost Sensations

An ongoing series of devices I build, often from repurposed materials. Some are circuit bent electronics, some are hand-built synthesizers and some are a combination.

Project: Hibridos sonidos galacticos de hadas

Hibridos sonidos galacticos de hadas

Explore sounds and voice noise.

Project: Interstellar Bone Collector

Interstellar Bone Collector

A performance featuring circuit bent Yamaha PSR14 and PSR41

Project: Knoxville Mutant Toy Parade

Knoxville Mutant Toy Parade

Make Music Day 2021: We held workshops to assemble circuit-bent toys based on Laureano Cantarutti's design. We taught people new to soldering, electronics, and circuit-bending how to circuit-bend. Then, on December 21st, we had the Knoxville, TN Mutant T…

Project: La Bricool Live

La Bricool Live

Live machine made of circuit bent instruments and weird gear.

Project: Law Cant

Law Cant

My solo project stands out for the mixture of conventional instruments and those created by me using the Circuit Bending technique.

Project: Lucian's Chaos Keyboard

Lucian's Chaos Keyboard

The guts of two toy keyboards jammed into one.



Ludotecnia is a live audiovisual presentation based on the use of toys.

Project: Make Music Winter: Mutant Toy Parade

Make Music Winter: Mutant Toy Parade

I created two tutorial videos for circuit bending the instruments participants built to play during the event.

Project: Maker Music Alliance

Maker Music Alliance

MAKE MUSIC ALLIANCE (Presented by NAMM Foundation) A Not-So-Silent Night - December 21, 2021 The fourth nationwide Make Music Winter celebration took place on December 21st! Like Make Music Day on June 21, Make Music Winter is a free, outdoor, parti…



The objective of this project is to disseminate the work of Latin American artists who make and use Circuit Bending in their compositions.

Project: Mumbles


Mumbles is a modular formatted six voice set of circuit bent AM-FM radios with a built in diode interference matrix.



This year’s Make Music Winter event took place on December 21st, in six cities across the United States simultaneously.

Project: Mutant Toy Parade NY

Mutant Toy Parade NY

December 21st is where 18 musical gatherings and parades will enliven neighborhoods across the boroughs, from Flatfoot Flatbush in Brooklyn to the Melrose Parranda in the Bronx. In keeping with the gift-giving season, sound-making toys will make their …

Project: My Best Music Instruments Hack & Collection

My Best Music Instruments Hack & Collection

BENDBOY is 100 of circuit bent gameboys.

Project: NJ Montclair Mutant Toy Parade

NJ Montclair Mutant Toy Parade

For the seventh consecutive year, Montclair will be one of more than 65 cities across the United States taking part in Make Music Day.

Project: Non-Bio


Old-school industrial noise

Project: Ok Housecat

Ok Housecat

Homemade Electronic Musical Oddities

Project: Photon Smasher

Photon Smasher

The photon smasher is an instrument for making music from light. Artist Frazer Merrick builds soundscapes and drones with a combination of LEDs, bicycle lights and light-up toys.

Project: Psychiceyeclix


My performance is a symbiosis of video & sound, a circuit bent Super Nintendo & Sega Megadrive produce glitchy visuals that influence the sound tying them both together.

Project: Soul Bandit

Soul Bandit

Music producer and artist Soul Bandit seeks to curate a psychedelic and otherworldly sensory experience through her music and art. Pioneering her own glitchy yet hypnotic Ghoul Pop sound and slinging a mobile Toys-R-Us of circuit bent synths (children's…

Project: SP-RBOW


Thomas' Rainbow themed dubstep machine!

Project: Tabla & Electronics

Tabla & Electronics

Improvised performance fusing loops of Indian tabla drums and psychedelic drone using modified kids sound toys.

Project: The 8-Bit Boombox

The 8-Bit Boombox

The 8-Bit Boombox is a self-contained, portable, retro gaming inspired jambox. It allows up to four people to collaboratively remix classic video game music with no musical or gaming experience requred.

Project: The Legendary Circuit Bending Orchestra

The Legendary Circuit Bending Orchestra

A big little great and awesome orchestra made with all my electronic stuff. Begginnig with my tea tin "TW Family" and all my circuit bending instruments playing like an classicla orchestra.

Project: Thriller 3000

Thriller 3000

Heath's BMX themed circuit bent keyboard.

Project: Toy Train Sequencer/Circuit Bent Keyboard

Toy Train Sequencer/Circuit Bent Keyboard

A toy train that triggers added keyboard modifications as it drives around/guitar pick ups that pick up the sound of the train as it goes around.

Project: uni-Poo


The uni-Poo: a circuit bent Tiger Electronics Poo-Chi robot dog from 2000, the motor of which is now CV controllable; the output of a RF pickup coil reading the staccato EMF emitting from the tiny motor provides a discordant alien servo soundscape. Utili…

Project: Wearable Sound Art

Wearable Sound Art


Project: Wearable Sound Art

Wearable Sound Art