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New Music by Old Phones The fun of making music with familiar sounds around us.

Project: 3 cycles

3 cycles

Improvisations on musical patterns written with tidalcycles manipulating a combination of homespun and open source synthesizers.

Project: Analog Synthesizer Kits

Analog Synthesizer Kits

Simple and Cute Analog Synths!

Project: ArduTouch music synthesizer

ArduTouch music synthesizer

Easy to solder together for complete beginners. Comes with a 4-voice sawtooth waveform synth. Lots of other synths available for free download to make very different way cool, beautiful, harsh, or noisy sounds, music, and noise.

Project: Atari 2600 Chiptune Synth

Atari 2600 Chiptune Synth

I’ve found my old Atari 2600 Paddle Joysticks but no signs of the console, so I’ve decided to make a small chiptune instrument.

Project: Audio Freeze

Audio Freeze

Eurorack module to freeze tiny loops of audio for manipulation.

Project: Auduina


Auduina, The well tempered granular synth A full video explanation here (in spanish):

Project: Bass Drone Machine

Bass Drone Machine

Four full range oscilators, a mixing matrix, LFO and Low Pass Filter in-a-box.

Project: BICHA


BICHA is an analog sound circuit.

Project: Brainwave-Controlled TONTO

Brainwave-Controlled TONTO

We controlled the world's largest analog synthesizer with our brainwaves, and put the resulting "thought-provoked" sounds into the songs on my upcoming EP Album called 'Star Seeds'.

Project: Brown Box

Brown Box

Brown Box is a diy synth designed for experimental music improvisation.

Project: Camel


A mono self-oscillating synthesizer built from a novelty metal box. It has no keys, but is played with switches and knobs.



The CANNIBAL is a synth/noise box made to melt your brain.

Project: Chowndolo


The Chowndolo is an Interactive Sonic Sculpture based on a magnetic pendulum whose trajectories are altered by magnets placed underneath the device. This creates unstable patterns of oscillation which are translated into synthesis parameters and sound.

Project: Creatures of light

Creatures of light

Simple, five-component circuit that reacts to light and produces sounds according to the intensity of the light. It is like a simple luminous theremin.

Project: Crespell


Crespell is a light controlled synth with an ibizan farmers style enclosure.

Project: Don Buchla: Instruments for Electronic Expression

Don Buchla: Instruments for Electronic Expression

“In my many years working for Don Buchla, I had the pleasure of witnessing his drive to create innovative musical controllers. While many Buchla fanatics hail his modular synthesis designs, Don interest in them was often more about how a creative interfa…

Project: drkmbnt


drkmbnt is a live act that performs its music with self-soldered sound tools.

Project: Eclipse & Resonant Garden

Eclipse & Resonant Garden

Both machines are completely manufactured from scratch with the use of technologies of digital manufacturing (engrave machine and 3d printer) as well as, creation of pcbs at home.

Project: EN-20


An instrument that responds to the sound environment in musical and non-musical ways.

Project: Glitch Delay

Glitch Delay

A glitchy delay effect designed for the eurorack modular synth, using a Teensy 3.6 and the Teensy Audio Library.

Project: Hypercube


A handheld cubic form factor modular synthesizer.

Project: interFACE


a face controlled musical instrument that turns your head into a synthesizer

Project: jumpSynth


A trampoline synthesizer.

Project: Kalimba diy Synth (MIDI) controller 🕺🏼

Kalimba diy Synth (MIDI) controller 🕺🏼

A way to play ambient pads on the kalimba, or using the kalimba... however you want to understand it.

Project: Lavanda 8

Lavanda 8

Lavanda 8 is a diy synthesizer with 8 touch controlled oscillators designed for music improvisation.

Project: Loopcard


The Loopcard is a DIY kit for people fond of broken, warbly sounds. You can create loops with its built-in microphone and distort them with the light sensor. It's available in kit and can be built in an afternoon with very simple components.

Project: Looper


An audio looper in the eurorack format using a Teensy 3.5 and SD card to store audio loop

Project: METEOR


The METEOR is a DIY synth for beginners.

Project: Natura Machina

Natura Machina

A Costa Rican Composer Susan Campos, and a mathematician and musician Tomás de Camino Beck, explore an abandon fuel tank at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in Costa Rica to study and experience its sonic properties using their own made synthesi…

Project: NEP7UNO


NEP7UNO is a percussion instrument based on FM synthesis. With it, you can explore different ways of modulation in a tactile way. It runs on Bela and features seven custom Trill bar sensors and piezos.

Project: Object Clock

Object Clock

The Object Clock is a variable/generative physically based metronome.

Project: OctoNoise


A touch-based 8 note music machine with a unique (adjustable) delay between notes.

Project: POLY555 Synth

POLY555 Synth

The POLY555 is a 20 key, analog, polyphonic square-wave synthesizer based on the 555 timer, an ubiquitous but ancient IC chip.

Project: Psycho-Geographical Experimental Synths by Isn'tses

Psycho-Geographical Experimental Synths by Isn'tses

Custom built experimental noise synths made by Lisa McKendrick and Tim Drage. We have designed and developed two stand-alone synths which we build ourselves and have available as a kit for others to build and solder. The Fort Processor is based on Newhav…

Project: RackTrip


RackTrip is an open-source Eurorack module that sends audio and control voltage over the internet. Using Raspberry Pi Zero and Pure Data, RackTrip virtually and remotely patches two modular synthesizers together at low-latency.

Project: Radiotone


Radiotone is an X-ray synthesiser which brings together Giorgio Sancristoforo’s fascination with radioactivity, scientific experimentation and the sonification of natural phenomena.

Project: RakuChord


You can play music easier. Right hand plays music and left hand plays chord. You can play chord just push 1 button. 楽にそれっぽい演奏ができる楽器です。 右手でメロディ、左手で和音を演奏します。和音はワンキーで演奏できるため、複雑な操作は不要です。

Project: Scatter


Scatter is a series of 4-meter-tall rotating sound sculptures created by a team of artists and creative technologists at Griffith university in Australia. These immense solar-powered structures scatter sound in all directions via the speakers attached to…

Project: Serinette


"Serinettes" were obscure mechanical musical instruments from the 18th century. During this time, french aristocrats used these devices to teach captive canaries to sing different melodies (how decadent is that?) The instrument consisted in a small woode…

Project: Shiny Night

Shiny Night

This live performance is titled “Shiny Night” which plays off of “Starry Night”, my original muse for creating this piece.

Project: Soldering Synthesizer

Soldering Synthesizer

This synthesizer is very hot enough to burn.

Project: The Gutter Synth

The Gutter Synth

The Gutter Synth is a physical interface for a digital synth consisting of series of nonlinear Duffing oscillators. It makes a large range of highly physical, resonant sounds.

Project: The Hypercubes

The Hypercubes

"The Hypercubes" conform a new electronic musical instrument integrated by see-through cubes with electronic components inside, allowing you to work with electronic music in a much more physical way. By connecting the modules together you can generate, m…

Project: The Lo-Fi Orchestra

The Lo-Fi Orchestra

A collection of lo-fi synthesis, Arduino tones and other MIDI controlled devices based on projects from my "Simple DIY Electronic Music Projects" site.

Project: Unreal live music visualizer

Unreal live music visualizer

I made a system that creates virtual objects based on midi/OSC signals. These objects can be anything from particles to videogame elements. The possibilities are endless.

Project: Wearable Sound Art

Wearable Sound Art


Project: Wearable Sound Art

Wearable Sound Art