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Project: ...U...


U is a lamelaphone (that's the generic term for instruments with vibrating tines) in a U-shaped configuration. For each pitch there is not one but many tines in a row, tuned mostly in octaves, which can be played by stroking with a plectrum across the ro…

Project: AIR TOWER


*✶・゚ Acousmatic music (from Greek ἄκουσμα akousma, "a thing heard") is a form of electroacoustic music that is specifically composed for presentation using speakers, as opposed to a live performance. It stems from a compositional tradition that dates …

Project: break me, 2020

break me, 2020

break me, madeira is an audiovisual collaboration that sets generative visual art, inspired primarily by Paul Klee, to electro-acoustic music. Instead of being driven by the audio waveform of the music, the visuals are driven solely through the human per…

Project: Bukabog


Bukabog is a industrial/acousmatic/sound-art project that uses (mostly) DIY sound-bodies to explore the physicality of sound-objects, i.e. its textures, density, volume etc, and the infinite possibilities of relations among them.

Project: C4NM Exhibition Space

C4NM Exhibition Space

An exhibit space for makers of unusual and newly invented musical instruments, including emerging artists as well as recognized pioneers.

Project: cabeza ruidosa mirando el teléfono celular

cabeza ruidosa mirando el teléfono celular

Cabeza ruidosa mirando el teléfono celular. Acción ruidosa videoperformance de osvaldo cibils. 21 de febrero de 2023. Cabeza de muñeco con sensores de luz en los ojos y animación digital de colores en teléfono celular. Cabeza realizada por Klaudysmo en 2…

Project: Canyon Falls Observatory

Canyon Falls Observatory

Hauntology + Spelemorphology

Project: Chordal Distance

Chordal Distance

A sound installation that explores the relationship between two people by connecting the physical act of pulling to music.

Project: Conductive Melody

Conductive Melody

Conductive Melody combines conductive fabric with the magic of #MachineLearning to interactively create music.

Project: Deep Rooted by Clare Phelps and freeform delusion

Deep Rooted by Clare Phelps and freeform delusion

A fusion of artistic mediums, circuit bending and arcylic painting

Project: Eclipse


Sound art performance using hand-made instruments on the floor of Canessa gallery inspired by the solar eclipse of 2017.

Project: Guilted Manse

Guilted Manse

A project presented by the band Silica Gel. The combination of our homemade instruments is intertwined with how we write music. This presentation of our work in this project is a combination of our song writing mixed with instrument building.

Project: Hackoustic


Community of Artists, Makers, Researchers and Developers all working in Sound and Audio

Project: In Vivo

In Vivo

In Vivo presents an immersive audio-visual installation that utilizes the theory of vibration modes of acoustic instruments, physical sound modeling, and projection mapping.

Project: Instruments for the Green Wood

Instruments for the Green Wood

This exhibition features instruments fashioned from raw materials, for this chamber opera 'The Green Wood', a genre-bending sonic romp through the world’s forests. The Green Wood seeks to uncover the voice, point of view, and inner life of the forest sou…

Project: Intonarumori Building

Intonarumori Building

Exploring the musical philosphy of Italian Futurist Instrument builder Luigi Russolo (1885 - 1947) using reconstructed Intonarumori (noise intoners). Russolo believed noise should be a recognized part of contemporary composition as well as a tool for exp…

Project: Invasion


Give me a like, give me a like with love. Oh, how rich he is in here, give me a like to see if I feel, locked in a bedroom, I kill the invaders by touching screens and nothing changes, this life is a sham.

Project: Kokon Dansetsu Ma

Kokon Dansetsu Ma

Kokon Dansetsy Ma #2 is a live performance with a kinetic installation using handmade instruments which are controlled by motors and are designed following traditional Japanese aesthetics. This particular version of the performance was based on The Japan…

Project: Larm Machine

Larm Machine

Larm Machine is an interactive installation where the by using old a soviet phone audience get to slowly deteriorate sound source till there is nothing but a noise left.

Project: Of Land and Sea

Of Land and Sea

When I first began investigating the musical potential of natural objects I simply duct-taped microphones to rocks, shells, bones, wood, pinecones, and leaves, and attempted to rub, tap, bow, brush, and tickle new sounds out of them. I soon realized thes…

Project: osvaldo cibils en el arte de las perillas (the art of knobs)

osvaldo cibils en el arte de las perillas (the art of knobs)

Noisy actions with electronic gadgets and the body exaggerated with things.

Project: Pianochopper Baby!

Pianochopper Baby!

Imagine the year 2139, where a psychotronic apocalypse has transformed a large number of humans into obedient androids. Zolt and Burg, armed with the pianochopper,go from village to village to counter attack this damaging curse. Two shows have been made …

Project: Playing With Machines

Playing With Machines

Playing With Machines is a band composed of Maxime Kermagoret, Paul Dechaume and myself. As a collective we aim to create electronic ambient music utilising motors where possible. From the beginning our goal was to use motorized instruments in the sam…

Project: Radiotone


Radiotone is an X-ray synthesiser which brings together Giorgio Sancristoforo’s fascination with radioactivity, scientific experimentation and the sonification of natural phenomena.

Project: Rebirth - a music video by VFR institute

Rebirth - a music video by VFR institute

music video release for Rebirth remix by Komorebi ft. raia

Project: Scatter


Scatter is a series of 4-meter-tall rotating sound sculptures created by a team of artists and creative technologists at Griffith university in Australia. These immense solar-powered structures scatter sound in all directions via the speakers attached to…

Project: Sound Poetry Opera

Sound Poetry Opera

This is a sound poetry opera, mainly about birds.

Project: Svane Foundation Ark project

Svane Foundation Ark project

A Relaxation and decompression space utilizing sound, which you can sit in.

Project: tear glass petri dish

tear glass petri dish

tear glass petri dish is a minimalist audiovisual composition where the visuals, originally inspired by Wassily Kandinsky's Circles in a Circle (1923), are set to a minimalist piano composition. The visuals are primarily monochromatic, reflecting the mus…

Project: Thump Crash Tin

Thump Crash Tin

A sound object installation made with recycled materials.

Project: Undulations


A letterpress monoprint installation and interactive video, experimental music performance

Project: Urban Grand Piano

Urban Grand Piano

‘Urban Grand Piano’, 72"x 48"x 89"(with top open). The interactive keyboard is a grand piano sized multi-media assemblage.

Project: UVTOWER


UVTOWER is a generative installation and interactive performance instrument which produces dense post-rave music as it spins. Created by Andrea Guidi and Giacomo Lepri.

Project: Wall of Noise Sound Art

Wall of Noise Sound Art

Paintings with electronic synths & drum machines fitted onto canvas. A full band of Paintings to hang on a wall & make it a wall of noise.

Project: We Are Everything We Are Not

We Are Everything We Are Not

We Are Everything We Are Not is a reflection on the nature of our personal and collective meanderings.