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Project: Communication & Musical Robot Buddy-kun

Communication & Musical Robot Buddy-kun

Buddy-kun is a robot that talks with everyone, instructs and guides singing and gymnastics, and plays musical instruments in kindergartens and nursing homes. It can't have very advanced conversations, but it takes advantage of AI and use speech recogni…

Project: Industrial Robot violinist

Industrial Robot violinist

Nestor is an industrial robot retired from the automotive industry where he stuck windshields on cars for 15 years. A bow is attached to the robotic arm (one and a half ton!) which touches the strings of a violin fixed in its environment. The regularity …

Project: Mechanical orchestra

Mechanical orchestra

The project consists of an orchestra of robots which are controlled with a MIDI sequencer which allows them to synchronize. The final project will be a big Juke Box in which the robots will play songs to order!

Project: micro:bit Orchestra

micro:bit Orchestra

Check it here: The micro:bit orchestra is an orchestra of robot instruments and algorithmic musicians based on the micro:bit. The orchestra exists as permanent installations in museums, but is also easy to build and set up in sc…

Project: MIDI-controlled Japanese Taiko drum robots with "MU-4"

MIDI-controlled Japanese Taiko drum robots with "MU-4"

The "MIDI / USB Switch Translator MU-4" can control up to four USB Type-A devices via MIDI. Familiar USB devices will also be fun instruments using MIDI!

Project: Mr. Head-banging Robot

Mr. Head-banging Robot

This robot is do a head-banging in synchronization with music.

Project: Music Derby

Music Derby

Music Derby is a game in which sound of music runs seven robots. The player predicts which robot will go the farthest when a tune is over.

Project: One Love Machine Band

One Love Machine Band

I show a group of moving sculptures, made from scrapmetal, which actualy play their instruments.

Project: Robot Band

Robot Band

In the tatami band, we make musical instruments with tatami mats and play them. Robots that play musical instruments are also members of the band.

Project: Tatami Band

Tatami Band

We will play an instrument made using tatami mats, which is a unique Japanese rug.

Project: The Legendary Circuit Bending Orchestra

The Legendary Circuit Bending Orchestra

A big little great and awesome orchestra made with all my electronic stuff. Begginnig with my tea tin "TW Family" and all my circuit bending instruments playing like an classicla orchestra.

Project: TotemRecall


A increasing collection of musical robots created by Darren Hesford using mainly second hand instruments and scrap materials.