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Project: "A table"

"A table"

« A table » is a sonor interactive installation inviting us to loose our time perception by playing. it is a hack of basic table social function to make it a multiplayer instrument. around hundred of bouncy Balls allow us to play and compose, alone or …

Project: "near and far"

"near and far"

"near and far" is an interactive sound and light installation consisting of a 14.2 wall of speakers, a set of three pull-string lamps, various sensors, and various furniture. Movement around the space is sonified and the changing soundscape is controllab…

Project: 120 DEN

120 DEN

Four women are playing on selfbuilt mannequin leg instruments.

Project: AC Sequencer

AC Sequencer

Instrument to make music with light or other AC powered appliances.

Project: AIR TOWER


*✶・゚ Acousmatic music (from Greek ἄκουσμα akousma, "a thing heard") is a form of electroacoustic music that is specifically composed for presentation using speakers, as opposed to a live performance. It stems from a compositional tradition that dates …

Project: Akousmaflore


Akousmaflore is an interactive installation, a small garden composed of living musical plants, which react to gentle contact. Each plant reacts in a different way to contact by producing a specific sound. The plant «language» or song occurs through touch…

Project: Anthesizer


Anthesizer, 'Ant' + 'Synthesizer', is a tool that turns the complex social behaviors of ant colonies into mesmerizing soundscapes in real time.

Project: Arduino Multi-Track Music Player

Arduino Multi-Track Music Player

This Arduino-based Music player can play a two-voice polyphony tune in convenient notation as MML (Music Macro Language) strings, and display the synchronized lyrics on a 16x2 Character LCD display. Momentary push buttons are used to start/stop the music.

Project: ASCUTA 1.1v


a new small sniffer of electromagnetic waves with a wide spectrum

Project: Audio + Movement to MIDI

Audio + Movement to MIDI

Convert audio and movement to MIDI so you can control a digital instrument with any sound source including physical instruments or your voice.

Project: Automatic performance music by MIDI mechanical system

Automatic performance music by MIDI mechanical system

The MIDI control board "MIDI mechanical system" that we have developed automatically plays acoustic musical instruments.

Project: Biotransmisiones FM

Biotransmisiones FM

This hybrid organic radiophonic network is a sonorous exploration of rhizosphere territories. From the development of DIY biotransmitters we are interested in amplifying the electrical signals that emerge from this symbiotic assembly between territories …

Project: Caravat-o-matic Musical Necktie

Caravat-o-matic Musical Necktie

A stylish necktie with magical musical powers!

Project: Cassette tape DJ

Cassette tape DJ

A device that allows you to DJ with a cassette tape.

Project: Changed by Sounds

Changed by Sounds

Interactive Soundscape composition with reactive visuals. Audio-visual installation.

Project: Cheap Expandable Floor Piano

Cheap Expandable Floor Piano

I created design to build a big and expandable floor piano (1 to 8 or more octaves) with learning mode (led will light the keys), driven by phone (first with midi file and great sound banks only). The project must be cheap (I'm doing it for free, but it …

Project: Conductive Melody

Conductive Melody

Conductive Melody combines conductive fabric with the magic of #MachineLearning to interactively create music.

Project: CoyuyoC


CoyuyoC it's an analog drone synth based on the legendary 555 chip. Two triangular oscillators (for more pleasure), promiscuously exciting each other. It has patcheable in-out connections, light sensor, nice wing potentiometer knobs and voltage control I…

Project: Creatures of light

Creatures of light

Simple, five-component circuit that reacts to light and produces sounds according to the intensity of the light. It is like a simple luminous theremin.

Project: Cyclic


Cyclic is an immersive, visual and sound interactive installation

Project: Dead Cats

Dead Cats

A run of 200 circuitboards that each generate its own unique infinitely long song.

Project: Discussion / workshop: Advanced piezoelectrics and amplification

Discussion / workshop: Advanced piezoelectrics and amplification

Discussion with examples on getting the most out of piezoelectric amplification. Shielding, placement, jfet and opamp amplification, wiring, balanced audio options.

Project: EKHO


Ekho is a modular musical robot that responds instantly to human voice overlaping it´s own sounds.

Project: Electronic beach accordion

Electronic beach accordion

The resulting idea is simple, the desire to make electronic music on the beach. So we had a set of specifications: - On battery to have 3-4 hours of JAM in front of you - A speaker powerful enough to play with other acoustic instruments - The possibil…

Project: Electrosensible


Electrosensible is about exploring different ways of connecting drawing and sound through the construction of instruments based on graphite and 555 chip.

Project: Evolution


Evolution is an audio-visual performance and installation celebrating the vitality of inorganic materials, inspired by the material’s self-organising behaviours in Cymatics. Featuring a live moving image and a quadraphonic system, it provides a digital-a…

Project: Extended Psalter

Extended Psalter

This proposal is about a musical performance by Claudio Merlet, which presents the final result of the author's investigation and technical-musical developmental process aimed at the creation of an electronic interface, one that—through digital programmi…

Project: Fusiform Polyphony

Fusiform Polyphony

Fusiform Polyphony (Face Music) is a series of six robotic sculptures commissioned by Nuit Blanch Toronto. They are designed to compose music with input from participants’ facial images. Micro video cameras mounted on these robots move toward people’s…

Project: Gestural Electronic Music

Gestural Electronic Music

I design electronic music instruments via Max patching, M4L devices and make use of a gametrak controller.

Project: Grand oeuvre

Grand oeuvre

A collection of instruments based on the legacy of the occult science of the XVIe century.

Project: Hacking Nature's Musicians

Hacking Nature's Musicians

"Hacking Nature Musicians" is an ecosystem of sound-generating electronic devices made with discrete hardware (no digital code or recordings). My circuits generate sound such as birdsong and insect chirping. I also refer to this practice as "electronic n…

Project: Hearing Hands

Hearing Hands

Interactive tactile sound object

Project: Hibridos sonidos galacticos de hadas

Hibridos sonidos galacticos de hadas

Explore sounds and voice noise.

Project: Highway to Presence

Highway to Presence

A soundwave visualization installation. Play the instrument and get lost in sound.

Project: Invasion


Interactive Sound Toy. Helmet + touch sensors

Project: J.Views playing Teardrop with vegetables and Makey Makey

J.Views playing Teardrop with vegetables and Makey Makey

• Follow J.Views:​ •​ • Video: Massive Attack cover played on Fruits & Veggies | Shot By Roy Rochlin

Project: Jazz Thugs, Makey Makey, and Sir Duke

Jazz Thugs, Makey Makey, and Sir Duke

The Jazz Thugs play with short samples of the horn intro to the Stevie Wonder song "Sir Duke," using MaKey MaKey to trigger them in order with high-fives, fist-bumps, and handshakes. then they make some improvised music combining live instruments with da…

Project: Keytiles


Keytiles are weather proof stand alone sensors and tone bars.

Project: KeyWi


The KeyWI is an expressive and accessible electronic wind instrument based on the design of the melodica created by Matthew Caren, Romain Michon, and Matt Wright.

Project: La Machine Sonore Infernale

La Machine Sonore Infernale

The Machine Sonore Infernale is an open source multiplayer musical instrument designed in Do It Yourself mode by the Labo du Florida. In the form of what could evoke a spaceship dashboard, the MSI allows a group of 9 people to play music together.

Project: La Pirámide

La Pirámide

"La Pirámide" is a custom made instrument we did in 2020. It is based on three other standalone instruments we use to make, but in the same box. The client ask for a trinagle box remiting to the mountains were he live, an after some thinking we end up wi…

Project: la ruidosa

la ruidosa

Portable noise marker, lofi, easy and repairable. Made with easy parts and waste.

Project: Lavanda 8

Lavanda 8

Lavanda 8 is a diy synthesizer with 8 touch controlled oscillators designed for music improvisation.

Project: Le Discomatik

Le Discomatik

The discomatik is a Hardware MIDI sequencer. This machine consists of 16 tracks divided into 32 steps so 512 buttons. Each button corresponds to a sound. An industrial robot is placed in the center, its role is to replay sequences prepared in studio.



THE MASHUP SHOW by LEDREBEL LEDREBEL will mashup your party night. Get ready for a one hour long adventure of 150 pumping hooks from Faithless to Swedish House Mafia, from Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Cardi B and everything in between. All of these ba…

Project: Les Amis Nos Morts

Les Amis Nos Morts

Basés en Rhône Alpes, Les Amis Nos Morts sont constitués d’un vivant et de 19 cadavres. En résumé et dans le désordre, c’est de l’abstract hip hop, un one man crew, un concert animé, des cranes qui parlent, des loopers, un blaireau mort, de la mpc, de…

Project: Les Machins

Les Machins

Five large instruments to control electronic sounds in free access

Project: Les Phonotons série 1

Les Phonotons série 1

Those graphical musical instruments are played by Alexandre Berthaud et Bruno Kervern who produce a music they called "machine ambient", because it is linked to the robots and so it can't be reproduced in another way. This machines bring new way of compo…

Project: Lightning guitar

Lightning guitar

3 devices, the lightning guitar, the musical heelys and the old radio, intricately interconnected via radiosignals.

Project: Lights contacts

Lights contacts

Lights contacts: This interactive artwork bring people together. Lights Contacts is an interactive artwork with an important social dimension. This artwork bring together the spectators around an artistic experience. It creates unpredictable and pos…

Project: Liz Ruvalcaba

Liz Ruvalcaba

Improvisation, vocal soundscapes and imagination.

Project: Loops Loop

Loops Loop

Tape Hacking And Vactrol VCO



Ludotecnia is a live audiovisual presentation based on the use of toys.

Project: Lyraei


The Lyraei is an electromagnetic string instrument designed and created from 2019 to 2021. It's a hybrid instrument, bridging the worlds of modular electronics and chordophones.

Project: Magnetic Piezo Contact Microphone & Preamp

Magnetic Piezo Contact Microphone & Preamp

It happened in 2021 when #MMF21 was taking place, we registered here as a team, me (Ereh Saw) and the composer Yana Shliabanska .. At that time we were generally preparing our work for the offline festival and it was, one might say, a mock-up of what…

Project: Metamorphy


Metamorphy is a visual and sonorous interactive artwork.

Project: Midi Automoated Reel to Reel Tape Machine

Midi Automoated Reel to Reel Tape Machine

Reel to reel tape machine MIDI automated to musically malfunction.

Project: Musical Boxing Gloves

Musical Boxing Gloves

This was made as part of the Sound Toys course at AHO. The goal was to make an object or instalation that provokes playful interaction. The students used micro:bit microcontrollers, radiocommunications and a range of sensors, along with an in developmen…

Project: Musical touch game

Musical touch game

Make music by completing the circuit. The goal is to achieve a pleasent soundscape by keeping the touch gentle and avoiding to much skin contact. Made with micro:bit, servo, addressable LEDs, speaker and laser cut plywood.

Project: Oracle


A camera observes small stones placed in black sand. A dedicated CPU interprets the images and triggers audio and MIDI arrangements in response.

Project: Pedeplei


Realtime music creation with live looping. I use the iPad as a looper and FX unit, mainly for realtime granular synthesis. I also use a couple of DIY synths and a DIY footswitch.

Project: Photon Smasher v2

Photon Smasher v2

The photon smasher is a microphone for electromagnetic listening.

Project: Prayer Request

Prayer Request

An instrument that uses candles to control sounds.

Project: Pringles MIDI Drums

Pringles MIDI Drums

This project turns Pringles cans into MIDI controllers by using piezo sensors to send MIDI data from an Arduino MKRZero to trigger sounds in Sonic Pi. I added the LEDs for some extra visual effect.

Project: Prism Bell

Prism Bell

The Prism Bell is a new oversized gesturally performed digital musical instrument that sounds like a cross between distorted electric guitar strings and a bell.



Spacial/Subtle Chorus/Modulation effect produced by Four Rotary speakers playing back into three Microphones with delay circuits.

Project: RGB Matrix Audio Visualizer with Arduino

RGB Matrix Audio Visualizer with Arduino

In this project I built an RGB LED matrix audio visualizer, using an Arduino, an RGB LED Matrix Shield, and an Audio Spectrum Analyzer Shield, then put it in an enclosure so that you can have a finished project that you can display by your music system t…

Project: Robot guitar

Robot guitar

Self playing electric guitar.

Project: SnoeSky


SnoeSky is an ambient light-sensitive installation designed by Andreas Förster and Christina Komesker which turns the ceiling of a multisensory relaxation room into an interactive night sky where the constellations ring out with sound.

Project: Somewhere


Live performance with a custom electronic instrument. Somewhere in a field south of San Francisco.

Project: Space Palette

Space Palette

The Space Palettes are visual music instruments that let you play music and paint visuals simultaneously by finger painting. Everything is generated in real time by your hands; no pre-recorded media, sequences, or loops are used. New three-dimensional …

Project: Star Networks at the Singing Point

Star Networks at the Singing Point

Live electronic music using chaotic oscillators configured in real time.

Project: switch witch syndrome

switch witch syndrome

music composition was created during a radioshow , an intro into the existental framework of meeting salt crystals. some animalistic dance

Project: Synescope


The Synescope is a graphic to audio music instrument where the player paints, draws or manipulates graphic content as the platter moves in order to express ever changing music and or auditory textures.

Project: Synthramuros


A niche community of experimental electronica enthusiasts and artists based in Manila, Philippines.

Project: Terra Hodie

Terra Hodie

Live set of music using processed and recorded samples using volca sample and guitar pedals; based on Terra Hodie, my third album as a soloist.

Project: The Hickok and The Yellowbox

The Hickok and The Yellowbox

These are two pieces of vintage test equipment hacked into USB MIDI controllers.

Project: The Kraken

The Kraken

The Kraken is an instrument composed of about fifty modules, with different interaction sensors to choose according to your desires.

Project: Toystroy


Electronic music and video with DIY systems

Project: Trall


A wagon for serving popcorn tha also creates whimsical fairground music.

Project: Unnatural Nature

Unnatural Nature

Unnatural nature is a two-part immersive and interactive room-size installation that delves into the issue of climate change. The first part incorporates a sonification of climate change data, while the second part encourages participants to touch real i…

Project: Untitled Title Belt

Untitled Title Belt

Unlike the traditional championship wrestling belt it was fashioned after, this implement functions as a combination microphone, distortion-pedal, & noise generator.

Project: Volatile


"Volatile" An amplified instrument that blasts fireballs out of each end while being played.

Project: Waves sniffer

Waves sniffer

Stereo converter of electromagnetic fields in sound

Project: With each drop

With each drop

With Each Drop is an interactive visual poem, an ode to the intimate relationship people around the world have with water. It is a duet between human and machine, specifically, between a dancer and the text of a poem. All mediated by algorithmic response…