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Project: 3D Music Interface w/ Makey Makey

3D Music Interface w/ Makey Makey

This project is a physical interface I made out of cardboard and tinfoil which I hooked up to a Makey Makey. It triggers 3D animations in p5.js as well as sends MIDI signals to Sonic Pi to create the sounds.

Project: A Vocal Effects Unit For Kids

A Vocal Effects Unit For Kids

This voice changer and effects unit was built by Kyle Reiff for his 4 year-old niece.

Project: Accessible and Inclusive Design for Music-Making

Accessible and Inclusive Design for Music-Making

“Accessible and Inclusive Design for Music Making” is designed for musicians, artists, and designers with beginning to intermediate level computer programming and prototyping skills. After a primer in inclusive design theory and fabrication basics, parti…

Project: C4NM Exhibition Space

C4NM Exhibition Space

An exhibit space for makers of unusual and newly invented musical instruments, including emerging artists as well as recognized pioneers.

Project: Cheap Expandable Floor Piano

Cheap Expandable Floor Piano

I created design to build a big and expandable floor piano (1 to 8 or more octaves) with learning mode (led will light the keys), driven by phone (first with midi file and great sound banks only). The project must be cheap (I'm doing it for free, but it …

Project: Discussion / workshop: Advanced piezoelectrics and amplification

Discussion / workshop: Advanced piezoelectrics and amplification

Discussion with examples on getting the most out of piezoelectric amplification. Shielding, placement, jfet and opamp amplification, wiring, balanced audio options.

Project: Educational Makey Makey Piano

Educational Makey Makey Piano

This project is broken down into 2 parts, the first 3 octaves are for the Teacher and the next 2 for the Student, thus facilitating a closer and more practical learning, ideal to teach the little ones at home or in school by repetition, imitating to the …

Project: Hackoustic


Community of Artists, Makers, Researchers and Developers all working in Sound and Audio

Project: Hallway Symphony

Hallway Symphony

​In a school consisting of over 1,000 kids, the hallways create a cacophony of yelling and shouting, and adds to the students' already stressful day. ​ Using the MakeyMakey (an interactive USB keyboard) and some basic supplies, we created a giant lay…

Project: Interactive Sheet Music with Makey Makey

Interactive Sheet Music with Makey Makey

A creative use of the Cricut maker to cut a playable piano and create interactive sheet music. Playing Ode to Joy with!

Project: La Frite

La Frite

How to make live electronic music with 14 children: La Frite !

Project: Makey Makey and Musical Magic

Makey Makey and Musical Magic

11-year-old students participated in the project. In the first encounter with Makey Makey, the students made their own instruments, and later, with the help of Makey Makey, they played traditional songs for them. In the second meeting with Makey Makey, t…

Project: Marble Music Game

Marble Music Game

I made this Marble Music Game to play with my students. The idea is that you can change the notes and create melodies. Then you throw the balls and, hear how it sounds?

Project: OK Go Sandbox- Art Together Now

OK Go Sandbox- Art Together Now

In 2021, OK Go Sandbox invited the world to help create a new video and remix of their song "All Together Now." The #ArtTogetherNow project ended up creating 6 films and 5 new versions of the song, thanks to over 15,000 global collaborators

Project: OVAOM - Sound Explorer

OVAOM - Sound Explorer

The Sound Explorer is composed of 2 sensory gamepads connected to a mobile app of musical games

Project: Sound Automata

Sound Automata

Join educators from wonderful idea company to make your own sound automata using materials from around the house. We'll explore, share and plan next steps for musical tinkering.

Project: Tapiti


The “Tapiti” interactive mat designed for nurseries immerses children from 3 to 36 months in the electronic worlds of which they are the creators.

Project: The Raindrops Orchestra

The Raindrops Orchestra

The raindrops orchestra is a magical experience, where children of all ages can create music together on colorful drops of rain!