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Project: ...U...


U is a lamelaphone (that's the generic term for instruments with vibrating tines) in a U-shaped configuration. For each pitch there is not one but many tines in a row, tuned mostly in octaves, which can be played by stroking with a plectrum across the ro…

Project: 24 Hours Without A isn't safe

24 Hours Without A isn't safe

This was a piece I composed & performed for the 2017 Ghostbird Theatre 24 Hour Festival, including alternative objects as instruments.

Project: A Room Full of Unique Musical Instruments

A Room Full of Unique Musical Instruments

A collection of musical instruments. Including strings, woodwinds, and lamellophones. Mostly built out of household items.

Project: Artigiano del Suono

Artigiano del Suono

the "artisan of sound" project deals with the musical phenomenon, research into sound materials and the construction of musical instruments and objects to understand the relationship between humanity and sound

Project: Birds


Birds was an installation of 26 identical sound machines during the exhibition Sounds Like Art

Project: Celestual Harp

Celestual Harp

Celestial harp is a musical instrument with strings on a disk. By placing a sheet on the disk that shows the order of the melody, it is possible for people who cannot read the musical score to play a tune.

Project: Centripetal Sound

Centripetal Sound

Installation of 6 sound generators called Rotifiers.

Project: Company Nomad Men: La Batt Mobile

Company Nomad Men: La Batt Mobile

A unique concept: two drummers play on the same drum set welded on a stylized tricycle designed and manufactured entirely in our workshop. Be careful, it turns ;)

Project: Cyber-Totemic Objects and Sonic Mediators

Cyber-Totemic Objects and Sonic Mediators

Around 2005 after I finished my orchestral work Trade Routes commissioned and premiered by the Oakland Symphony orchestra I started reimagining concepts behind the late 20th century music of composers such as John Cage, Cornelius Cardew, and Karlheinz St…

Project: Dinkinesh


Can you dance in 5?

Project: DIY Celesta

DIY Celesta

This project is my attempt at building a celesta using machines available in a fablab and documenting the build. Documentation and design files are shared under a CC-BY-SA license.

Project: Douser


A band of spring steel is animated by a servo motor

Project: Dragging the Right Chord

Dragging the Right Chord

“Dragging the Right Chord” is a functioning harpsichord made of corrugated cardboard and installed on a bicycle trailer.



Live online concert of the supersonic weirdo Era Geldes (the era of the money): with my self build instruments you are welcome to be carried away to save the planet from our culture.

Project: Experiment with spring steel

Experiment with spring steel

Sound machine called "Snapper"

Project: Failures, Prototypes, And Works in Progress

Failures, Prototypes, And Works in Progress

My work as an instrument builder was born out of the necessity to create a voice for myself to articulate and to compose. My instruments are all works in progress and by treating them as such, I allow myself to constantly develop and build in an organic …

Project: flairdrum


By applying air pressure, a PET bottle can create an astonishingly clear and brilliant sound. The ingenious thing about it: the bottle is a sound generator and sound box in one. The higher the pressure, the higher the surface tension of the bottle and th…

Project: Glass Wind Chime Instrument

Glass Wind Chime Instrument

Glass wind chimes are an indispensable feature of summer in Japan. Each wind chime has a different tone. The pitch changes depending on the shape and size of the wind chime. The wind chime instrument is a musical instrument where wind chimes …

Project: Gliss Glass

Gliss Glass

Gliss Glass is an original instrument consisting of a series of custom glass vessels of various sizes, filled with water, interconnected by a system of tubes and valves. Though much larger than a wineglass, the instrument is played in much the same way, …

Project: Granite Calliope

Granite Calliope

A Calliope built from a 1200 pound block of granite. 45 holes were drilled and tuned to produce the notes. Blowing compressed air across the holes make the notes play.



Sonic massage and Civil DISCObedience

Project: HONK NYC


HONK NYC! is an artist run organization that brings street band music and spectacle culture to audiences across New York. 2021 Festival: October 18-24.

Project: Instruments for the Green Wood

Instruments for the Green Wood

This exhibition features instruments fashioned from raw materials, for this chamber opera 'The Green Wood', a genre-bending sonic romp through the world’s forests. The Green Wood seeks to uncover the voice, point of view, and inner life of the forest sou…

Project: Kachivachero


Music made with objects that people forget or throw away.

Project: Lego Microtonal Guitar

Lego Microtonal Guitar

Unlike all playable Lego guitars in the world, Lego microtonal guitar is the first Lego guitar with a fretboard made out of Legos. All you need is a 3D printer and Lego pieces to have the fretboard ready to be inserted onto a standard guitar neck.

Project: Marble Music Game

Marble Music Game

I made this Marble Music Game to play with my students. The idea is that you can change the notes and create melodies. Then you throw the balls and, hear how it sounds?

Project: Music in Clay

Music in Clay

I make, play and research clay musical instruments: flutes, pipes, ocarinas, whistles, trumpets, didjeridus, and sound sculptures.

Project: Nomad Men: L'Ethno Machine

Nomad Men: L'Ethno Machine

On the road The music travels aboard an exceptional "Mad Max"-like machine, manufactured in the Nomad Men workshops, combining visual surprise and musicality. The machine will be operational in May 2021

Project: Piano Liberado

Piano Liberado

Extending and expanding on the prepared piano concept.

Project: Probability


Playable, interactive low-tech sound sculpture incorporating recycled materials.

Project: Renzonica


The Renzonica started as an interesting father-son project for my five-year-old. Music is something we both love despite my absolute lack of talent or ability. My son is quite musical like his mother, so we thought together we could create a new type of …

Project: Rinding Kalisemut

Rinding Kalisemut

An instrument from Lumajang, East Java, Indonesia.

Project: Skatchboxes and Skatchplates

Skatchboxes and Skatchplates

The Skatchboxes here are part of a series of painted Skatchboxes called “Paintboxes,” created between April 2013 and February 2014. The Skatchboxes are made of cardboard boxes that originally contained computer parts (larger boxes) or computer keyboards …

Project: Sound Cave Project

Sound Cave Project

The Sound Cave Project immerses participants in the phenomena of thousands of musical strings sympathetically resonating every sound they make while inside. The wonder & joy induced by this experience invites participants to play with their own sounds b…

Project: Step Back

Step Back

A fully functional brass band on fire/in fire/shooting fire

Project: Suena barro

Suena barro

is a multidisciplinary project comprised of ceramists, musicians, and luthiers, which focuses on the research and training on the construction of pottery musical instruments, as well as their collective performance. SUENA BARRO is as well itself an ensem…

Project: Symbiotic Instruments

Symbiotic Instruments

I design and make resonant objects to expand the sound palette of traditional instruments. So far, I've explored stretching strings over drums with percussive handmade bridges and ceramic instruments played inside the grand piano.

Project: Syos


Syos offers saxophonists and clarinetists an on-demand sound thanks to 3D printed custom mouthpieces.

Project: The Black Flag ECGM

The Black Flag ECGM

Experimental and scientific guitar, in very high modulus carbon, manufactured using aerospace and digital technologies, in a university research laboratory.

Project: The Chrysanthemum Series

The Chrysanthemum Series

String instruments

Project: The Idiophonium

The Idiophonium

A former harmonium with 49 keys to which new sound objects have been attached.

Project: The JumpDrum

The JumpDrum

A wooden drum kit you play while standing and either dancing or bouncing or walking to activate the bass drum.

Project: The Pencilina

The Pencilina

Bradford Reed has been playing his pencilina for over 30 years in different projects and musical contexts.

Project: Touchy Subjects

Touchy Subjects

See Tilted Axes parade through the East Village on Saturday October 23 for HONK NYC

Project: Udli


Music with objects.

Project: Vermilion


Imagine leaving your secure bunker after years of hiding, while a mysterious unseen apocalypse has slowly unfurled outside. What you find is not what you expected.

Project: Xenith Handpans

Xenith Handpans

The Xenith: a high-quality handpan for an introductory price.

Project: XyloVan Memorial Disc Gong Array

XyloVan Memorial Disc Gong Array

A compact array of gongs from the instruments I had built for XyloVan - the musical mutant vehicle I created for and drove at Burning Man.