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Project: 3D Music Interface w/ Makey Makey

3D Music Interface w/ Makey Makey

This project is a physical interface I made out of cardboard and tinfoil which I hooked up to a Makey Makey. It triggers 3D animations in p5.js as well as sends MIDI signals to Sonic Pi to create the sounds.

Project: A Vocal Effects Unit For Kids

A Vocal Effects Unit For Kids

This voice changer and effects unit was built by Kyle Reiff for his 4 year-old niece.

Project: Analog Synthesizer Kits

Analog Synthesizer Kits

Simple and Cute Analog Synths!

Project: ArduTouch music synthesizer

ArduTouch music synthesizer

Easy to solder together for complete beginners. Comes with a 4-voice sawtooth waveform synth. Lots of other synths available for free download to make very different way cool, beautiful, harsh, or noisy sounds, music, and noise.

Project: ASCUTA 1.1v


a new small sniffer of electromagnetic waves with a wide spectrum

Project: Fruitee Beat

Fruitee Beat

This is one of our favorite Makey Makey fan videos!

Project: Instròniks


We make music using diferents boards like Arduino, MakeyMakey, Lego, ...

Project: J.Views playing Teardrop with vegetables and Makey Makey

J.Views playing Teardrop with vegetables and Makey Makey

• Follow J.Views:​ •​ • Video: Massive Attack cover played on Fruits & Veggies | Shot By Roy Rochlin

Project: KeyWi


The KeyWI is an expressive and accessible electronic wind instrument based on the design of the melodica created by Matthew Caren, Romain Michon, and Matt Wright.

Project: Knurl


Knurl is a reprogrammable hybrid cello with 16 strings, bow tracking and solar panels.

Project: Le Frutophone with Makey Makey

Le Frutophone with Makey Makey

Installation made in Paris Conservatory by 3 students from the sound engineering course. The devices used are: a makey-makey, a computer with Pure Data and Ableton Live, eight fruits :)

Project: Loopcard


The Loopcard is a DIY kit for people fond of broken, warbly sounds. You can create loops with its built-in microphone and distort them with the light sensor. It's available in kit and can be built in an afternoon with very simple components.

Project: Loops Loop

Loops Loop

Tape Hacking And Vactrol VCO

Project: Makey Makey and Musical Magic

Makey Makey and Musical Magic

11-year-old students participated in the project. In the first encounter with Makey Makey, the students made their own instruments, and later, with the help of Makey Makey, they played traditional songs for them. In the second meeting with Makey Makey, t…

Project: Makey Makey Lego custom controller

Makey Makey Lego custom controller

I designed a Makey Makey box + a bunch of triggers with lego bricks.

Project: Makey Makey Sampler App

Makey Makey Sampler App

The Makey Makey Sampler app makes it even easier for musical makers to play music and mix sounds like a DJ!

Project: Makey Makey Typewriter Music Machine

Makey Makey Typewriter Music Machine

This is an old typewriter modded to control midi in Ableton, using a Makey Makey board

Project: Makey Makey Water Piano

Makey Makey Water Piano

A simple water piano!

Project: Pulse//Wave


Pulse//Wave is a sound installation created by Michele Abolaffio and Giuliano Anzani which explores the sonic nature of bodies and objects. It invites the audience to connect themselves to a wooden structure and establish an intimate dialogue through sou…

Project: Radiotone


Radiotone is an X-ray synthesiser which brings together Giorgio Sancristoforo’s fascination with radioactivity, scientific experimentation and the sonification of natural phenomena.

Project: Scatter


Scatter is a series of 4-meter-tall rotating sound sculptures created by a team of artists and creative technologists at Griffith university in Australia. These immense solar-powered structures scatter sound in all directions via the speakers attached to…

Project: SnoeSky


SnoeSky is an ambient light-sensitive installation designed by Andreas Förster and Christina Komesker which turns the ceiling of a multisensory relaxation room into an interactive night sky where the constellations ring out with sound.

Project: Transducer Amphitheater

Transducer Amphitheater

banjer is my most recent solo project. It involves my prepared and extended banjo practice, as well as my recently newfound love for tape cassettes as a musical instrument.

Project: UVTOWER


UVTOWER is a generative installation and interactive performance instrument which produces dense post-rave music as it spins. Created by Andrea Guidi and Giacomo Lepri.