instrumental creatures

Series of sculptures made available in the space to be activated with the participation of the public mediated by the artist.
playful sound sculptures Sculptures invented with objects from different sources of disposable and reusable materials. In its construction, sound devices based on the constructive principles of musical instruments are incorporated. These devices become integrated with the formal aspects of the sculpture, and establish a sense of aesthetic unity, having as reference the compositional structures of people, animals and insects in general. When played as sound objects, the sculptures are simultaneously animated, thus constituting a hybridism between visual arts, music and performance.

Adriano Castelo : visual artist and experimental builder of sound instruments
The maker Adriano Castelo
• Adriano Castelo is a visual artist, educator and experimental builder of musical instruments. His research, creations and artistic sharing integrate several artistic languages. Lately, he develops a research work where the hybridity of languages ​​between visual arts, music and theater are configured in expressions such as sound sculptures, performances and sound installations. It holds exhibitions, courses and workshops.

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