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Project: Shiny Night

Shiny Night

This live performance is titled “Shiny Night” which plays off of “Starry Night”, my original muse for creating this piece.

Project: s/ø


LiveCoding performance by ChucK. Using OSC from ChucK streams data and captures the screen through OBS, and finally designs live visuals in TouchDesigner.

Project: 3 cycles

3 cycles

Improvisations on musical patterns written with tidalcycles manipulating a combination of homespun and open source synthesizers.

Project: Opaline


“Opaline” is a solo for vibraphone, live electronics and two snare drums.

Project: 'Third Organ'

'Third Organ'

Wearable instrument

Project: Pink Bats... or Something Like it (2023 Revision)

Pink Bats... or Something Like it (2023 Revision)

A recent revision that features robust data connections between Ableton Live and Minecraft. Two way communication is enabled between the two applications via the Mineflayer Javascript library.

Project: Chicken Hero, Villager Hero, Cow Hero (2023 revision)

Chicken Hero, Villager Hero, Cow Hero (2023 revision)

A recent revision that features robust data connections between Ableton Live and Minecraft. Two way communication is enabled between the two applications via the Mineflayer Javascript library.

Project: Data Connections Between Ableton Live and Minecraft

Data Connections Between Ableton Live and Minecraft

Two way data communication between Ableton Live and Minecraft using the Mineflayer Javascript library.

Project: Tubes


This modular musical instrument is composed of six percussive tubes. Each one of them is motorized, amplified and connected to a sensor, so they can play music depending on the interaction with the public. For now, Tubes is an installation piece but due …

Project: Barney Baschet

Barney Baschet

Aprés Baschet sound sculpture created with parts scavenged from the collection of Barney Haynes.

Project: Drum Bugs

Drum Bugs

Percussion Boards in the style of Tom Nunn's Bug EPBs (Electroacoustic Percussion Boards).

Project: MotorDrone


A small DC motor with a monofilament pick mechanism, think weed whacker, strums a single stringed monochord.

Project: Follower


The Follower is a kinetic based ambient sound sculpture.

Project: Changed by Sounds

Changed by Sounds

Interactive Soundscape composition with reactive visuals. Audio-visual installation.

Project: Unnatural Nature

Unnatural Nature

Unnatural nature is a two-part immersive and interactive room-size installation that delves into the issue of climate change. The first part incorporates a sonification of climate change data, while the second part encourages participants to touch real i…

Project: Caravat-o-matic Musical Necktie

Caravat-o-matic Musical Necktie

A stylish necktie with magical musical powers!

Project: "near and far"

"near and far"

"near and far" is an interactive sound and light installation consisting of a 14.2 wall of speakers, a set of three pull-string lamps, various sensors, and various furniture. Movement around the space is sonified and the changing soundscape is controllab…

Project: The Pluralistic Soloton Orchestra

The Pluralistic Soloton Orchestra

A piano in the center of an installtion with 45 other instruments. They are all attached to the keyboard with cords and can be played.

Project: Semi automated electric guitar duet

Semi automated electric guitar duet

A semi automated electric guitar designed to be simultaneously played by an improvising musician and mechanised from a computer

Project: Brown Box

Brown Box

Brown Box is a diy synth designed for experimental music improvisation.

Project: Lavanda 8

Lavanda 8

Lavanda 8 is a diy synthesizer with 8 touch controlled oscillators designed for music improvisation.

Project: Anthesizer


Anthesizer, 'Ant' + 'Synthesizer', is a tool that turns the complex social behaviors of ant colonies into mesmerizing soundscapes in real time.

Project: Gaboon Vampire

Gaboon Vampire

A headless chest-worn 5-string electric viola, inspired by the design of the Mark Wood Violins Viper, with strandberg guitar tuners on the custom-designed tailpiece and locking hinges on the wings for additional adjustability.

Project: Lights contacts

Lights contacts

Lights contacts: This interactive artwork bring people together. Lights Contacts is an interactive artwork with an important social dimension. This artwork bring together the spectators around an artistic experience. It creates unpredictable and pos…

Project: Akousmaflore


Akousmaflore is an interactive installation, a small garden composed of living musical plants, which react to gentle contact. Each plant reacts in a different way to contact by producing a specific sound. The plant «language» or song occurs through touch…

Project: generative loops

generative loops

A series of generative/drone instruments

Project: Terra Hodie

Terra Hodie

Live set of music using processed and recorded samples using volca sample and guitar pedals; based on Terra Hodie, my third album as a soloist.

Project: Hearing Hands

Hearing Hands

Interactive tactile sound object

Project: Evolution


Evolution is an audio-visual performance and installation celebrating the vitality of inorganic materials, inspired by the material’s self-organising behaviours in Cymatics. Featuring a live moving image and a quadraphonic system, it provides a digital-a…

Project: Dolce Risveglio

Dolce Risveglio

.. cello, double bass, guitarron .. I don't know ! This is my first loud tool of 2023 :) .. violoncello, contrabbasso, guitarron .. non lo so ! Questo è il mio primo strumento rumoroso del 2023 :)