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Project: Star Networks at the Singing Point

Star Networks at the Singing Point

Live electronic music using chaotic oscillators configured in real time.

Project: Fantasy Mansion

Fantasy Mansion

A device intended to blur the lines between composer, tools and audience. Any piece of art exists in inly in the point of interaction between these three. This device merely accentuates it.

Project: Dead Cats

Dead Cats

A run of 200 circuitboards that each generate its own unique infinitely long song.

Project: Hacking Nature's Musicians

Hacking Nature's Musicians

"Hacking Nature Musicians" is an ecosystem of sound-generating electronic devices made with discrete hardware (no digital code or recordings). My circuits generate sound such as birdsong and insect chirping. I also refer to this practice as "electronic n…

Project: Volatile


"Volatile" An amplified instrument that blasts fireballs out of each end while being played.

Project: Lightning guitar

Lightning guitar

3 devices, the lightning guitar, the musical heelys and the old radio, intricately interconnected via radiosignals.

Project: Trall


A wagon for serving popcorn tha also creates whimsical fairground music.

Project: Robot guitar

Robot guitar

Self playing electric guitar.

Project: Musical touch game

Musical touch game

Make music by completing the circuit. The goal is to achieve a pleasent soundscape by keeping the touch gentle and avoiding to much skin contact. Made with micro:bit, servo, addressable LEDs, speaker and laser cut plywood.

Project: Musical Boxing Gloves

Musical Boxing Gloves

This was made as part of the Sound Toys course at AHO. The goal was to make an object or instalation that provokes playful interaction. The students used micro:bit microcontrollers, radiocommunications and a range of sensors, along with an in developmen…

Project: Invasion


Interactive Sound Toy. Helmet + touch sensors

Project: Tara


Tara is DIY mono string instrument from tincan rubbish and one guitar string.

Project: Rinding Kalisemut

Rinding Kalisemut

An instrument from Lumajang, East Java, Indonesia.

Project: Photon Smasher v2

Photon Smasher v2

The photon smasher is a microphone for electromagnetic listening.

Project: Tri Swodho

Tri Swodho

Tri swodho is DIY instrument from industrial rubbish,the raw material are pallet wood and tin can from water dispenser/heater.

Project: Alibombo


Alibombo is a laboratory for experimentation with the sound of things, we don't make music, we find it

Project: Bass Drone Machine

Bass Drone Machine

Four full range oscilators, a mixing matrix, LFO and Low Pass Filter in-a-box.

Project: Circuit Bending music and Digital Painting

Circuit Bending music and Digital Painting

Circuit Bending music by Laureano Cantarutti and Digital Painting by Valentina Martinez Gallino

Project: Cocréer avec la Nature grâce à la musique!

Cocréer avec la Nature grâce à la musique!

Establish a connection with Nature thanks to a box that transcribes the vibrations of a plant or a tree into audible sounds.

Project: SWING'ALG


Living beings, in particular the plants, contain circulating water that produces an electrical activity. The electric current can be transcoded in music notes. The melody that is obtained seems to contain proteodies.

Project: The Glockenwheel

The Glockenwheel

The concept was to take Glockenspiel bars, and instead of striking them, motorize them so that they strike something.

Project: Lavender Town - a Minecraft musical project

Lavender Town - a Minecraft musical project

Music composed by Junichi Masuda A Minecraft performance inspired by Doodle Chaos of music from the Pokémon Red & Blue game. Created and performed by Tess McCumber.

Project: UltraFree: Soup Quartet + live AI streaming BOT

UltraFree: Soup Quartet + live AI streaming BOT

Neither improvisation, nor rock, nor jazz, nor electronic music, nor amplified music but a bit of all that with a lot of Free. Free as free. UltraFree evenings adapt to many genres and instrumentation while keeping this spirit of freedom that we are look…

Project: Kachivachero


Music made with objects that people forget or throw away.

Project: The YAK


The YAK is a piano-string / spring / meccano spare parts soundtool. Recorded with the LOM Geofon and an Ehrlund EHR-E.

Project: Synthramuros


A niche community of experimental electronica enthusiasts and artists based in Manila, Philippines.

Project: Laikabot laikamaker

Laikabot laikamaker

Research on the manufacture of musical instruments for the band's own use, mixing traditional luthieria techniques with digital fabrication. We've using a combination of traditional and prototypes instruments in live presentations and recordings, searchi…

Project: Musician


Musician is an UI add-on for the World of Warcraft MMORPG that implements music playing features into the game.

Project: Arduino Multi-Track Music Player

Arduino Multi-Track Music Player

This Arduino-based Music player can play a two-voice polyphony tune in convenient notation as MML (Music Macro Language) strings, and display the synchronized lyrics on a 16x2 Character LCD display. Momentary push buttons are used to start/stop the music.