I love Rickenbacker .. and i made my own loud ricken noise.
None I used pallets, road signs, some PC waste materials and other objects.

m.d.p. /medico della peste : I prepared and maker noises instruments
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Medico Della Peste is a musician, designer and creator of musical instruments from Rome. In the past, the plague doctor was the one who, in times of epidemic, visited the sick with special protective clothing that included a mask in the shape of a beak. Plague Doctor's sounds are instinctive signals ranging from torment to necessary spiritual liberation. Sometimes the difference between sound and noise is subtle and everyone has their own personal perception and vision of the senses.
I broke my first guitar (classic) with my fists, I think at the age of 13 and I've played with some bands in the past. My decision not to cover contributed to my isolation. A few years ago, I bought a copy of a B.C.Rich Warlock and turned it into an 8-string bass. How many perfect and beautiful basses are out there with 8 or 12 strings, all perfectly tuned and with the right octaves. This was not my instrument, I could easily buy something like that. So I mounted the arm on a pallet board, looked for screws, nuts, some toys and created my first 4-string bass, six-string guitar and a diddley bow string.
All in a wonderful non-tuning because musically I make noise and my instruments don't have a clean finish. Anyone can have a beautiful, polished and tuned guitar. In addition to creating and playing my instruments, I continue to draw like Mafio, the other me.

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i make a noise
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yes .. search my project on web, or invite me to play at your home :)