Aesthetically and sonically based on meditative singing bowls, this instrument responds to proximity and capacitive touch data to create sonorous resonating tones when played. The tonal characteristics of each bowl morph the longer they’re sustained for in order to mimic the physical attributes of a resonating singing bowl. Diffused LEDs light up underneath each bowl to create an all round engrossing experience for the player.

Andrew Hockey : Sound Artist
The maker Andrew Hockey
My work is inspired by a passion for generative systems and non-linear musical structures.

My approach is to create playful experiences through self-built musical instruments and immersive soundscapes.

I embrace new technology and embark on deep exploration of new musical genres whilst staying committed to making musical experiences that are both accessible and emotionally resonant.

Connect with Andrew Hockey
How I can help you:
I can offer my composition, sound design, workshops and tutorials on building interactive instruments, generative music composition, and programming in Pure Data.
How you can help me:
General networking, a follow on social media, and hopefully meetings that could lead to more opportunities in the future :)