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Project: 202 Drum Kit

202 Drum Kit

The 202 drum kit - a circuit bent toy drum

Project: Code + Chords

Code + Chords

Code + Chords is a music visualization software developed by a team of Undergraduates from the Playful Learning Lab at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. The software takes in an audio input and creates a visual output that can respond to the aud…

Project: Educational Makey Makey Piano

Educational Makey Makey Piano

This project is broken down into 2 parts, the first 3 octaves are for the Teacher and the next 2 for the Student, thus facilitating a closer and more practical learning, ideal to teach the little ones at home or in school by repetition, imitating to the …

Project: Ewen d'Aviau - Accordion and instrument creator

Ewen d'Aviau - Accordion and instrument creator

Suffering myself from Dyslexia, dyspraxia and dysmusia, I have been since 2010 several tolls for helping myself to compensate the problems inherent to this particularity and finally build and create musical instruments and modular tools for helpings othe…

Project: Floral Buzz 1000

Floral Buzz 1000

A circuit bent synth for spring time. A hybrid of Daffodils, the humble bumblebee and lots of circuit bent glitch-ness.

Project: Interactive Sheet Music with Makey Makey

Interactive Sheet Music with Makey Makey

A creative use of the Cricut maker to cut a playable piano and create interactive sheet music. Playing Ode to Joy with!

Project: Lego Microtonal Guitar

Lego Microtonal Guitar

Unlike all playable Lego guitars in the world, Lego microtonal guitar is the first Lego guitar with a fretboard made out of Legos. All you need is a 3D printer and Lego pieces to have the fretboard ready to be inserted onto a standard guitar neck.

Project: Lucian's Chaos Keyboard

Lucian's Chaos Keyboard

The guts of two toy keyboards jammed into one.

Project: Makey Makey and Musical Magic

Makey Makey and Musical Magic

11-year-old students participated in the project. In the first encounter with Makey Makey, the students made their own instruments, and later, with the help of Makey Makey, they played traditional songs for them. In the second meeting with Makey Makey, t…

Project: OVAOM - Sound Explorer

OVAOM - Sound Explorer

The Sound Explorer is composed of 2 sensory gamepads connected to a mobile app of musical games

Project: Pianogo - visual effects

Pianogo - visual effects

A piano interface that shows lovely colours while playing. Created by a nice family.

Project: SP-RBOW


Thomas' Rainbow themed dubstep machine!

Project: Thriller 3000

Thriller 3000

Heath's BMX themed circuit bent keyboard.

Project: Wearable Sound Art

Wearable Sound Art


Project: Wearable Sound Art

Wearable Sound Art