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Project: Automatic performance music by MIDI mechanical system

Automatic performance music by MIDI mechanical system

The MIDI control board "MIDI mechanical system" that we have developed automatically plays acoustic musical instruments.

Project: Celestual Harp

Celestual Harp

Celestial harp is a musical instrument with strings on a disk. By placing a sheet on the disk that shows the order of the melody, it is possible for people who cannot read the musical score to play a tune.

Project: Chachi's Drumbot

Chachi's Drumbot

My first song written for a vertical acoustic drum machine I created this year. Percussion composed by Stephen Slater, with melodic accompaniment on Tenori-On and TB-303 by Chachi Jones.

Project: Chowndolo


The Chowndolo is an Interactive Sonic Sculpture based on a magnetic pendulum whose trajectories are altered by magnets placed underneath the device. This creates unstable patterns of oscillation which are translated into synthesis parameters and sound.

Project: Company Nomad Men: La Batt Mobile

Company Nomad Men: La Batt Mobile

A unique concept: two drummers play on the same drum set welded on a stylized tricycle designed and manufactured entirely in our workshop. Be careful, it turns ;)

Project: Drummer in a Suitcase

Drummer in a Suitcase

"Samson" is a portable percussion unit housed in a vintage suitcase. It can be remotely controlled by any Bluetooth MIDI enabled sequencer.

Project: FEEDBACK MOBILE - Speaker Ball & Microphone Satelites

FEEDBACK MOBILE - Speaker Ball & Microphone Satelites

7 microphone/preamp satelites orbit a ball of speakers(at different distances) generating different overtones as they pass each speaker.

Project: Giant Music Box

Giant Music Box

Originally made for the Exploratorium, the Giant Music Box is an instrument/interactive exhibit that anyone can use to make music. It was my response to the challenge of creating an instrument and situation where people could play alone or with others an…

Project: Glass Wind Chime Instrument

Glass Wind Chime Instrument

Glass wind chimes are an indispensable feature of summer in Japan. Each wind chime has a different tone. The pitch changes depending on the shape and size of the wind chime. The wind chime instrument is a musical instrument where wind chimes …

Project: Granite Calliope

Granite Calliope

A Calliope built from a 1200 pound block of granite. 45 holes were drilled and tuned to produce the notes. Blowing compressed air across the holes make the notes play.

Project: Les Boîtes Mécaniques

Les Boîtes Mécaniques

In 1913 Luigi Russolo created an orchestra of noises with strange machines. In 2017, we will play on Mechanical Boxes. Robotic instruments that allow remote controls to trigger a crazy course of marbles, a wood / metal xylophone, a vibrating plate or eve…

Project: Marbles of Misfortune

Marbles of Misfortune

A playful machine that uses the random nature of physics to trigger musical events.

Project: Mr. Engywuck the Barrel Organ Man

Mr. Engywuck the Barrel Organ Man

I´m making music with an electric barrel organ man.

Project: Multi-Octave Portable Capacitive Touch Piano

Multi-Octave Portable Capacitive Touch Piano

In my last project, I delved into how to build a Portable Capacitive Touch Piano using an Arduino, a Capacitive Touch Shield for Arduino using the MPR121, a piezo buzzer, and copper foil tape with conductive adhesive (cut in the shape of piano keys) encl…

Project: Nomad Men: L'Ethno Machine

Nomad Men: L'Ethno Machine

On the road The music travels aboard an exceptional "Mad Max"-like machine, manufactured in the Nomad Men workshops, combining visual surprise and musicality. The machine will be operational in May 2021

Project: Object Clock

Object Clock

The Object Clock is a variable/generative physically based metronome.

Project: Object Sequencer

Object Sequencer

The Object Sequencer rotates "notes" or objects in the air in a circular pattern interacting with sensors to create electro-acoustic sequences.

Project: One Love Machine Band

One Love Machine Band

I show a group of moving sculptures, made from scrapmetal, which actualy play their instruments.

Project: Playing With Machines

Playing With Machines

Playing With Machines is a band composed of Maxime Kermagoret, Paul Dechaume and myself. As a collective we aim to create electronic ambient music utilising motors where possible. From the beginning our goal was to use motorized instruments in the sam…

Project: RFID Beat Box

RFID Beat Box

RFID tags trigger and compile musical loops.

Project: Robot guitar

Robot guitar

Self playing electric guitar.

Project: Selfsticks


Selfsticks are generative standalone, acoustic mallets.

Project: Synescope


The Synescope is a graphic to audio music instrument where the player paints, draws or manipulates graphic content as the platter moves in order to express ever changing music and or auditory textures.

Project: The Doppler Machine

The Doppler Machine

The Doppler Machine is a sonic sculpture and performance piece that combines the Doppler effect with feedback to create atonal soundscapes.

Project: The Phonographer

The Phonographer

"The Phonographer" is an a-rhythmic noise device that coaxes a contact mic'd antique phonograph reproducer arm utilizing alternative "needles" to create cacophonic repetitive "music" and eerie AMSR soundscapes that itch the base of your neck.

Project: Thump Crash Tin

Thump Crash Tin

A sound object installation made with recycled materials.

Project: TotemRecall


A increasing collection of musical robots created by Darren Hesford using mainly second hand instruments and scrap materials.

Project: Toystroy


Electronic music and video with DIY systems

Project: Triptafan


Triptafan is an electro-acoustic three voice Oscillator.

Project: YEMRS


YEMRS (Yasmin Electro Mechanical Sequencer) is mechanical rhythm sequencer built from the chassis of a reel-to-reel tape recorder.