Changed by Sounds

Interactive Soundscape composition with reactive visuals. Audio-visual installation.
Interactive Audio-Visual Installation I wanted to give the user the experience of how their own voices and sound input can shape and change a sonic and visual landscape. In this case, seeing how they have the power to change a black-and-white scene that is distorted by industrial and artificial sounds into a scene that is more connected to nature and color.
The sounds in the industrial scene are procedural and control stochastic events in the visuals. The sounds in the natural scene respond to the microphone input through amplitude peak detection and envelope tracking, which also control the visuals accordingly. This project was done using Max MSP and Processing which communicate via OSC messages.

Curator note The University of Michigan Department of Performing Arts Technology integrates the study of music, engineering, and allied arts in a close-knit, collaborative environment. The inspiring and accomplished faculty are internationally renowned scholars, teachers, artists and practitioners.

Eloysa Zelada : Media Artist and Composer
The maker Eloysa Zelada
I am a media artist, composer, and pianist exploring the intersection between music technology, sound art, media arts, performance, and ecology.
My work ranges from sound art installations, electroacoustic and experimental compositions, VR immersive experiences, and interactive environments and systems. In addition, I have worked doing sound and music for videos exploring poetic and reciprocal interactions of sound and image.

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