Les Phonotons série 1

Those graphical musical instruments are played by Alexandre Berthaud et Bruno Kervern who produce a music they called "machine ambient", because it is linked to the robots and so it can't be reproduced in another way. This machines bring new way of composing and performing sounds with a visual effect. Those two specifications combined project the spectator into a science fiction and fantastic imaginary.
Sound sculptures, concert/performance The Phonotons are sound sculptures based on a simple technological principles. A few series were created and the first one was made for performance. This serie is composed of six rotors made up of a firing pin and a dozen of percussive surfaces which are bring close to the rotor to make an amplified sound. Some sound effects are added in real-time with a midi controller.

We use wireless remotes to control the speed of the rotor and so the rhythm of a very short loop. It is almost impossible to synchronize the rotors between them, as we use cheap motors. So we compose an atonal and arrhythmic music and shape the sound into textures.

The set up can be use for an installation that will be ready soon.

Alexandre Berthaud : Artist and Musician
The maker Alexandre Berthaud
I started mixing art and music as a child when I made my own drum from scratch. When I got to university I discovered how to program music with pure data. This opened the door to a more unconventional way of making music. I quickly realised that I needed to materialise the data to go beyond the screen computer and make this music real.

It was from this desire that I began to experiment with electronics not usually associated with music creation like infrared sensors and motors. This led me to create my own instruments and my own sounds. During this time, I also founded the artist collective "Mille au carré". My goal with this was to bring different artists and musicians together and encourage a mixing of disciplines through digital technology. I since work with several artists on projects that are not necessary sound, with the aim of deconstructing things in a transversal way.



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