Brown Box

Brown Box is a diy synth designed for experimental music improvisation.
Brown Box,a feedback versatile and full or of surprises synth Brown Box consist of two volt controlled oscillators delivering square,triangle or mixed waves.The oscillators feed a shift register that sends back pulses to the oscillators.Both oscillators may be hard synced.Seven different tuneable waves are sent to a volt controlled filter and than to a wide range A/D envelope,than to a delay.A little patch bay allows immense possibilities for the creation of feedback between all modules: controlled or random sequences,slow drones,rithms and surprising evolving sounds.

Side story Brown Box is a result of many modules I built before,like delay, envelopes,volt controlled filters and,most important,the desire to explore the realm of random volt controlled oscillators via shift registers and at the same time control the amount of randomness of singular tones. Inspired by the Rungler but simplifying it to my needs and adding a patchbay to create connections between oscillators and other modules,this instrument is capable of a wide range of sound pallets.Evolving drones,random or controlled notes,sequences and good or bad sound surprises in live improvisations.

Marcelo Kraiser : Visual and Sound Artist,Maker
The maker Marcelo Kraiser
Visual artist, photographer, teacher, illustrator, composer, visual artist, poet, inventor of sound and visual instruments, performer.
Retired Professor at the Federal School of Fine Arts- UFMG, in drawing and photography and post graduation. PhD in Comparative Literature at FALE/UFMG with a thesis on the thought of Deleuze and Guattari and the literature of brasilian writer Clarice Lispector. Plastic artist, poet, illustrator, and videomaker. He has held 11 individual exhibitions and participated in more than 40 collective exhibitions in the visual arts. He composes soundtracks for performances and dancers and dance companys.Member of Kallp group for experimental music. Born in Brazil,1952.

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