Baby Doll demonstration

Children's doll is powered through an amp to create distorted versions of its usual words.
None The students seen in the video had never worked with circuit bending before and were able to create weird but cool instruments. Using the speakers and creating new inputs, the doll could then be plugged in, creating various versions of its usual words. This took about 2 hours, and our students were each able to create their own and take it home.

Make Music Salem : Maker
The maker Make Music Salem
Make Music Day Salem is an outgrowth of the Fete de la Musique, which originated in France in 1982.

Make Music Day is an event for people who love music and the joyous sense of community that music can foster. The event began as a call to musicians in Paris to get out in the streets on June 21 and play their music. It has since spread and has a large footprint, particularly in Europe and parts of Africa, but also in a handful of cities getting started in the U.S. We think this is a great way to showcase our city and the many talented and amazing people that make Salem special. Last year we had over 170 musicians and bands perform at 35 venues!

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Make Music Day is an event that is open to everyone to participate and we love creating spaces for anyone to be creative.
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