My performance is a symbiosis of video & sound, a circuit bent Super Nintendo & Sega Megadrive produce glitchy visuals that influence the sound tying them both together.
Video glitching audio My performance is a symbiosis between visuals & sound.
I perform as Psychiceyeclix - wearing a robot synth helmet that is worn & played as an instrument.
I use hacked/circuit bent video game consoles, hacked drum machines, synths & toys.
The performance is a symbiosis of video & sound, the glitchy visuals influence the sound tying them both together by using CV inputs from the games consoles.
A fluid approach to creation is employed, each time the equipment is turned on it will produce a different result.

Damian Lintell-Smith : Artist
The maker Damian Lintell-Smith
I am independent/self employed & make a living from creating /selling my creations.
I also perform with circuit bent/rewired games consoles/drum machines/synths/camcorders, something other than the obvious is mostly preferred.

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How I can help you:
I can answer questions using my experience with video & audio devices, what devices I've had success with or not,
How you can help me:
Recommend devices to hack & good interesting multi layered games that would look good projected.
Give me ideas where to perform