Dr Gwon's Noisy Creatures

NOISY CREATURES is music made with CircuitBent toys and hand made evil noisy electronic musical instruments.
Noisy Creatures I had play as a band-Dj for more than 20 years in a flamenco-fusion band. I really enjoy it but sometime I like to go crazy experimenting with electronic noises... thats why i started "Noisy Creatures" a serie of experimental music singles that I'm releasing every first Friday of each month. I also like to share some knowledge in form of beginners friendly video tutorials about building some of the instruments I'm building and using on my songs, so everyone can build they own "Noisy Creatures" and have fun with them.

Dr Gwon (Evil Noisy Electronics) : Composer and maker
The maker Dr Gwon (Evil Noisy Electronics)
Hi y’all … I'm Dr Gwon (a.k.a. Evil Noise Electronics). I compose, Circuit-Bend and create Ibizan electronic musical instruments.

I’ve been making music since 1994, playing and working in studio on multiple projects like "Sal y Sol" by Paco Fernández , "Navigator" by Jose Padilla or the soundtrack of "Sueño de Ibiza"(the Ibizan Dream) just to mention a few… I also release music on different lounge music compilations and create Hip-Hop albums… and bla bla bla and so on....

But the real biz is what’s up and coming!

After more than 20 years of intense sound exploration, I find my main musical inspiration in Circuit-Bending sound toys and the construction of Noise Machines with which to complete my sound palette, creating a hybrid that blends Hip-Hop, Ambient and Experimental Electronic Music.

My inspiration to start Circuit-Bending and building noisy instruments appeared 3 or 4 years ago upon my “analogue synthesizer awakening”.... when it dawned upon me that I simply couldn’t afford them (ridiculously pricey!). It got my juices flowing enough to start experimenting with Circuit-Bending, in an attempt to locate those sounds…and as one thing leads to another, I ended up designing my own noisy circuits under the “nom de plume” "Evil Noisy Electronics".

Presently, on my YouTube channel, in an attempt to “pay forward” to the community, I have been releasing short tutorials on Circuit-Bending in Spanish, as most all publications on the subject are in English…I also periodically release music made with my inventions on Spotify, iTunes and all the “mainstream” platforms like Bandcamp…

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How I can help you:
I release music and perform on live and give away knowledge (about CircuitBending and music experimentation)on my instagram and youtube channel.
How you can help me:
You can Follow me on youtube/Instagram and/or purchase some of my music on bandcamp!