The Legendary Circuit Bending Orchestra

A big little great and awesome orchestra made with all my electronic stuff. Begginnig with my tea tin "TW Family" and all my circuit bending instruments playing like an classicla orchestra.
This strange life My idea is give melody to a very complex mess of sounds, all sounding but creating a very real language, a new language that feed all my dreams about creating a new kind of musical and visual experience.

Side story My intention is making a little orchestra made of only hnd made instruments and circuit bending stuff.

David Ramos Darwin : Darwin
The maker David Ramos Darwin
Iam a maker, like noise, drone music but classical and contemporary sounds and music. I kake my own instruments, acoustic and electronics. I like playing my music live.Also I do my own visuals in my gigs. Also love Circuit bending.

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How I can help you:
Giving all my experience about electronics, mods, creation of oscillators and circuit bending.
How you can help me:
Giving me their friendship.