Chordal Distance

A sound installation that explores the relationship between two people by connecting the physical act of pulling to music.
None As the two participants negotiate their mutual physical equilibrium music responds to the surges in tension, releases, and twists highlighting the nature of their relationship. While the installation affords this personal experience to the participants it also serves as a performance for a larger audience to engage with.

Two wooden handles hang suspended at chest height, connected to each other with a simple band.

We invite participants to explore the subtle musical shifts in tone and harmonic texture throughout the varying positions and tensions afforded by the installation.

Young-min Choi, Sylvan Zheng : Maker
Hi, we are a team of programmer and designer based in Brooklyn.
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Instagram: @yumminny @dj_selva

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I make art using new media - facilitating connection and conversation between people using computational media to design a meaningful interaction by unveiling, augmenting, and changing our perspectives of the world.
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