Larm Machine

Larm Machine is an interactive installation where the by using old a soviet phone audience get to slowly deteriorate sound source till there is nothing but a noise left.
None Larm Machine is an installation based on a combination of the hacked cassette tape recorder and 90s soviet push button phone. The circular keypad, as well as other buttons of the phone, are connected to output the cassette tape and connect back to the recording input of the tape creating different distortion effects with every turn. The master output is transmitted to the single speaker on the top of the board. This mini installation was created exclusively for the Studium P gallery (Vilnius) Lo-Fi Exhibition in 2018.

Guoda Dirzyte : Maker and Composer
The maker Guoda Dirzyte

I am a composer, instrument maker, and sound nerd based in Glasgow, Scotland. I am making experimental music instruments since I was 14 (so over a decade now) and my love for instrument building over the years has grown into a love for music composition and audio engineering. The main influences behind my experimentations/creations are from ancient Asian and African instruments as well as modern makers such as Simonas Nekrosius, Johannes Bergman, Yuri Landman, and Tom Fox.

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