Live Schedule for May 15th and 16th
Detailed Schedule/Time Zone Chart
→ Saturday Sessions Zoom Access [EXPIRED] (6AM PST to 4:30PM PST)
→ Sunday Sessions Zoom Access [EXPIRED] (6AM PST to 3:30PM PST)
→ Sunday Evening Session Zoom Access [EXPIRED] (7PM PST to 8PM PST)
VR Iklectik/Hackoutic Mozilla hubs experience (All weekend)

Note: we will be recording the sessions and will post to the Maker Music Festival YouTube channel after the event.
Saturday 5/15 : 06:00 PST : Performance
I will play 3/4 pieces of music, using 3/4 recycled instruments (tennis rackets, skateboard, typewriter etc..) and loop station/pedalboard (it will be a mix of well known songs, original themes and improvisation). I will share information about each of the instruments played.
Julian Woodward
Saturday 5/15 : 06:30 PST : Presentation
This will be a live demo of Tweakable with a discussion of its features.

Materials: None
Build your own Lego switches to trigger your Makey Makey
Saturday 5/15 : 07:00 PST : Workshop
We'll see how to build switches with Lego bricks and metal brads.

Materials: We'll need :
- metal brads
- some usual bricks and plates
- small tires and the corresponding car underbody
- hinges for the advanced version
- a Makey Makey (if you want to use it that way) + a computer.
Jean-Baptiste Lévêque
Introducing the Cannibal - Monophonic Catastrophic CMOS Synth
Saturday 5/15 : 07:30 PST : Presentation
The CANNIBAL is a hand-built 6-oscillators square wave synth with frequency modulation and up to 3 selectable "octave" voices. Or, to put it shortly, a shrieking hell box. It can growl, roar, howl, sputter, yell, crackle, buzz, hiss, shout, screech and much more, but it won't sing. Nope. Not a chance.

In this presentation, I will make a demo of its sonic capabilities, explain a little bit what's going on inside, and what led me to design this beast. I will also gladly answer any question and help people who to get into electronics and instrument making !
Jean-Baptiste Lévêque
How to create and use tape loops and tape players as musical instruments
Saturday 5/15 : 08:10 PST : Presentation
Tape loops are loops of magnetic tape used to create repetitive, rhythmic musical patterns or dense layers of sound when played on a tape recorder.

In this presentation, I will teach you how to make a simple tape loop in cassette format, and how to use them as musical instruments. I will also explain how to modify cassette shells and tape players, allowing for wider sonic possibilities (longer loops, sound on sound recording...)

Materials: If you want to follow along and try to create your own tape loop, here the material needed : Audio cassette (blank or prerecorded), scissors, clear adhesive tape, tape player and/or recorder
Jean-Baptiste Lévêque
Zalhietzli - live set
Saturday 5/15 : 08:10 PST : Performance
An improvised live performance of solo artist Zalhietzli, using various DIY instruments (electronics, tape looping, electro-acoustic).
Isn'tses - Intergalactic Masked Duo
Saturday 5/15 : 08:30 PST : Performance
Isn'tses will perform as an intergalactic masked duo. They will travel the super 8-bit glitch highway as interdimensional war heroes. They will be armed only with the Chernobylizer and Fort Processor, as weapons of mass deliverance from the constraints of conformity.

Materials: We can stream on Twitch or send a video in advance.
Brian Alexander
Ergonomics for Artist and Makers
Saturday 5/15 : 09:00 PST : Presentation
This session acts as a general intro and gateway to both cognitive and physical ergonomics as they relate to designing and playing one-off creations not conceived in the commercial world. In developing instruments,the major emphasis and energy is usually around getting something to function as intended. Issues around usability only become apparent late in the process through actual use. In this session I will introduce the most relevant frame works and fundamentals which can benefit Makers regardless of form or function.

Materials: This will be an image based presentation with Q&A at the end.
Billy Prosise
Ok Housecat
Saturday 5/15 : 10:00 PST : Performance
I will be conducting an idiosyncratic electronic orchestra populated by modified devices, homebrew instruments, and all manner of other-worldly sound makers.
Colin Foulke
Handpan Tuning Session
Saturday 5/15 : 10:30 PST : Presentation
I will walk through the finer points of handpan tuning. I will fine-tune and blend an instrument and screen share so attendees can see what I see while tuning. I will discuss specific choices I am making and the headaches that come with tuning such a complicated instrument.

Materials: none
Atlas Çoğulu, Tolgahan Çoğulu and Ruşen Can Acet.
Lego Microtonal Guitar
Saturday 5/15 : 10:50AM PST : Presentation
Presenting Lego Microtonal Guitar

Materials: Nothing
tyson ayers
Create Your Own Personal Musical Soundtrack
Saturday 5/15 : 11:00 PST : Workshop
Have you ever wished there was a secret orchestra following you around and performing customized musical soundtracks as you went about your day?

Why not do it yourself? This workshop will show you how!

To begin with, I’ll help you track how individual people’s vocal inflections keep coming back to one particular tone. We’ll then use that information to discover your own fundamental frequency. Using that as our root tone, we’ll start exploring how different musical intervals create specific effects on our minds and bodies, which movie music uses to shift moments from buoyantly happy to poignantly sad, or from hair-raisingly suspenseful to securely calm. We’ll then look at the palettes of intervals you can choose to create particular soundscapes before learning how to use these elements of sound to create a sonic story.

Materials: Materials or Prerequisites:
Just yourself if you’d simply like to take in the material and possibly play with it later. Or a sound making device of your choice to experiment as we go. No musical experience necessary. Complete beginners to advanced musicians fully welcome. The materials presented will be applicable for any pitched musical instruments (piano/synths, guitars, vocals, DAWs, strings, horns, home-made instruments, etc…)
Thadeus Frazier-Reed
Saturday 5/15 : 12:00 PST : Other
bandy is an interactive performance that allows people to play real musical instruments by playing a game on a web app and viewing the result through a live stream or video conference. My session will be a live performance "venue" where guests can join, go to the provided web address to enter the game (preferably on their mobile device so they can watch/participate in the Zoom call), and affect a band of controllable musical instruments that will be displayed on the call.
I had anticipated that this would be available at all times during the festival so I am happy to do this Zoom version more than once if there is time available. If not I will most likely also live stream on YouTube during the festival so people can still join and see the result. (NOTE - this session will run on Sunday, May 16th at 12:00pm PT too.

Materials: All software and instruments will be provided by myself. I will join the Zoom call at the appointed time to display the live view of the "band". It would be preferable to provide the audience links to bandy ( as part of the program of events but I will also provide the info on screen as part of the video feed.
bandy is a web app that works with most modern browsers so users with a fairly recent computer or mobile device with recent browser should be able to play with no issue. There is nothing for them to download and there is no sign-up or log-in requirement to play.
Soul Bandit's Live Circuit Bent Jam Session
Saturday 5/15 : 12:30 PST : Performance
A 20 minute set accompanied by the use of several unique circuit bent devices.

Materials: Nope, no prerequisites necessary.
Hernan Vargas
Suena barro, clay instruments
Saturday 5/15 : 13:00 PST : Performance
Concert of clay instruments and new technologies, where they talk about the project to create clay orchestras.
Andy Graham
Andy Graham - Electric Stringed Didgeridoo
Saturday 5/15 : 13:30 PST : Performance
Andy Graham performing 2 pieces, 'Nebula', and 'Enter the Vortex' on the Electric Stringed Didgeridoo.

The Electric Stringed Didgeridoo is the only instrument of its kind, invented by Andy Graham in 2005. It is made from bronze and uses 3 guitar strings, a single bass string, and EMG pickups.

Materials: none
Mateo Carabajal
Natalia A
Saturday 5/15 : 14:00 PST : Performance
Experimental pop project, Natalia A, performing live.
Natalia Acosta: vocals, guitar. Mateo Carabajal: Auduina, Theremin, samples, etc. Cristóbal Cadierno: bass, drums.
Laureano Cantarutti
Lampadomancy - Offerings to Light
Saturday 5/15 : 14:30 PST : Performance
The performance is about a shamanic state of mind: making musical offerings to the vital flame and it's shadow. I'll use a tibetan bell & bowl, in combination with Throat Singing, Circuit Bent devices and others instruments such as electric guitar, Casio PT-20 keyboard and toys.

Materials: Nothing.
Mauro Tanaka
Escalafobeticos - Resignifying Everyday Objects
Saturday 5/15 : 15:00 PST : Presentation
Presentation of simple instruments, created from everyday objects with minor modifications. The idea is to inspire children, educators and adults to build their own musical expression tools

Materials: I will present the possibilities of various materials, I believe that no material is needed. If people want to reproduce one or another instrument, I suggest the following materials: 3 CDs that are no longer used and a PVC or cardboard tube with an approximate diameter of 40mm and a length of 30cm or more, scissors and two clothespins.
Synthia Payne
Jacktrip Live Tutorial & Jam
Saturday 5/15 : 15:30 PST : Workshop
On Saturday, from 3:0pm to 4:30pm, everyone is welcome to a Zoom workshop where I will explain how to prepare, download, install and configure software needed to sing or play an instrument in a live Jacktrip online music jam session.

Jacktrip is an open source, audio only, software program written by Chris Chafe and Juan-Pablo Caceres, that sends and receives low latency, uncompressed audio over the Internet. Over the past pandemic year, Jacktrip has undergone a rapid development phase and widespread expansion as an increasing number of people all over the world have adopted it to continue singing and playing together from geographically separate locations.

Materials: It would be best to download and install the software in advance, however, everyone is welcome to the Zoom workshop session, as I will cover preparation, downloading, installing and configuration.

In order to participate in a Jacktrip session, one must download and install the appropriate software, OR use a Virtual Studio or Raspberry Pi Jacktrip device. The Jacktrip Live Server info with be shared in the Zoom workshop session.

System Requirements:

1. 64-bit computer running Windows10, OSX 10.13+, or Linux, OR a Virtual Studio or Raspberry Pi device running Jacktrip
2. Download and Installation of JACK2, Jacktrip, and/or QJacktrip software for Windows10 or OSX 10.13+
3. Wired ethernet internet service (does not work well on WIFI)
4. USB audio interface connected to mics and instruments
5. Headphones or earbuds

Disclaimer: Although the files linked below were sourced from reliable links, by installing the software from these links, you are solely responsible for the adequate protection and backup of any data and equipment used in connection with any of the software linked below, and we will not be liable for any damages that you may suffer connection with downloading, installing, using, or modifying such software.

For Windows 10 Users:
Download and install in the following order:

1. For external USB audio devices, check the manufacturer's website for an ASIO driver for your device.
If there is no dedicated ASIO driver for your device, download and install ASIO4ALL.

2. JACK2 1.9.18 for Windows10 - 64-bit (direct download, double-click file and follow prompts)

3. Jacktrip 1.3.0 for Windows10
(standalone file, direct download, double-click file)

4. Qjacktrip for Windows 10


For OSX 10.13+ users, download and install in the following order:

1. Jack2 1.9.18 for OSX 10.13+

2. Jacktrip 1.3.0 for OSX 10.13+

3. Qjacktrip for OSX 10.13+

Additional Resources:

Win10 Video Tutorial by Synthia Payne:

OSX Video Tutorial by Jan Stoltenberg:

CCRMA Jacktrip:

Github Jacktrip Source Code:

JACK Audio:

Mike O'Connor's Blog:

Jacktrip Foundation:

NOTE:Please pay close attention to small details. Go slow. Read everything.
Ana Berkenhoff
Era Geldes
Sunday 5/16 : 06:00 PST : Performance
Experimental song landscapes. Calm and entertaining listening to weird collections of themed sounds and instruments.
Nicolo Merendino AKA "Chi ha uccils Il Conte?"
A square dreams A sphere - An open source CAD workflow for experimental music and media arts
Sunday 5/16 : 06:30 PST : Presentation
The presentation will describe a digital fabrication oriented CAD workflow focused on open source / libre software.

The presentation will be based on showing practical examples of music instruments entirely designed through the use of libre CAD software. (examples shown will be the Noiseboard and the DCM, more info here -

The goal of the presentation is to provide artists and researchers an efficient and cost effective way to develop electronic music instruments.

Materials: Anyone can attend the presentation with no particular requirement.
Evatris (Eva Corot)
Piano visual effects
Sunday 5/16 : 07:00 PST : Performance
I will play piano with live visual effects and will explain how it works.

Materials: Nothing, just headphones for better sound quality :D
Frazer Merrick
Photon Smasher - how to listen to light
Sunday 5/16 : 07:30 PST : Presentation
Learn how to listen to light with the “photon smasher,” the microphone that turns light into sound. Watch artist Frazer Merrick perform and discover how he makes beats from bicycle lights and turn LEDs into futuristic synthesisers.
drkmbnt #mmf_1
Sunday 5/16 : 08:00 PST : Performance
A livestream from the Sonic Sound Studio in Linz, Austria to the global network of the Maker Music Festival.
All soundtools are soldered by myself. All developers of the used sound tolls are friends. All sound tools are small and very limited in a technical and sound sense.
The whole set is improvised and between 20 - 30 minutes.
The tools have names like: Grains, ATPC (ATiny Punk Console), Chaosz Ostpoti, Chaosz Linzpoti, ATbase, FlipFloater Delay, IOIO, .....

Materials: I can provide a stream via Twitch. I use OBS - you also can send me the data for the streaming services youlike to use.
Ryan Jenkins
Tinkering with Sound Automata
Sunday 5/16 : 08:30 PST : Workshop
In this session, we'll start experimenting with everyday materials to build our own sound automata creations.

We encourage participants to collect the materials ahead of time, set up a place for working and tinker alongside us for the session.

During the workshop we'll look at some examples, share some tips and trick for constructing playful contraptions and allow time for questions and sharing ideas.

Materials: Please collect:
sturdy cardboard
recycled food containers
interesting materials to make sound (jingle bells, metal pot lids, shakers, percussion instruments, tamborine xylophone keys etc...)
paper clips or bendable wire
skewer sticks, dowels, or chopsticks
paper straws

If you can get round nose pliers, wire snippers and a hot glue gun, they will come in handy as well.
Mitch Altman
Learn to Solder for total beginners -- It's Easy & Fun!
Sunday 5/16 : 09:00 PST : Workshop
Anyone can learn to solder like a pro -- even if you have never made anything before. It's easy! It's fun! And it is very useful.

In this fun 60-minute workshop I will show you all you need to know to have a lifetime of satisfying soldering.

NOTE: No tools or materials are required for this workshop.

Materials: This workshop is for everyone -- no skills or experience are required.
No tools or materials are required for this workshop.
Autumn Ate Everything (Ramon Castillo)
void loop()
Sunday 5/16 : 10:00 PST : Performance
void loop () is a growing collection of pieces inside a Minecraft world (void biome). The title is a reference to the biome, the looping techniques I use, and the Arduino function - the Arduino IDE was used to program a Teensy 3.2 board that a Twitch audience can use to control my Minecraft Character. Chat users can enter commands like !left and !right to turn my character at times during the performance.

While I am always working on new works, the performance currently features 4 works:
(1) Mine...Minecraft - by my daughter, Luna (age 7) - this is fixed audio and some automated character dance moves - aided by the audience with the aforementioned chat commands.

(2) Pink Bats or something like it - The Ableton Live set I use for this piece was created by Kevin Dacey and myself for a piece called Pink Bats for kalimba, guitar, and Ableton Live looping. This version of the performance replaces all of the acoustic instruments with the samples of Gamelan Galak Tika (recorded by me) triggered in Minecraft in real-time. The looping is done using Ableton Live with Clyphx Pro.

(3) Chicken Hero, Villager Hero, Cow Hero - Mobs fall from the sky to trigger various sounds while I improvise with some long tones in game. The audio is routed through several effects.

(4) Everything Ends Here - by Alessandro Cortini. The original recording of this piece is for synthesizer, and it features one of the most distinctive examples of timbral development I am aware of. In this version, a villager rides a minecart around a rail with triggers for the various pitches. The simple counterpoint slowly becomes revealed as I open a low pass filter and gradually add fuzz and reverb. The piece ends with a few surprises.

Currently, the complete performance sits around 20-25 minutes with gaps between each number.

I direct the Contemporary Electronic Ensemble at UMass Lowell. We have been virtual since March 2020, and since most of the group members gravitate towards experimental technologies, we have played around with some ways to get back to a world of real-time collaboration. In November, I discovered Minecraft as a way for students to interact with musical Objects, so I began writing into my curriculum for the ensemble. We officially began making musical worlds together this January. I decided to create my own solo world to give the students some ideas, and void loop() is the result. It required several months to research and learn redstone circuits along with command block syntax and resource pack building. My primary goal with electronics is to make them every bit as expressive as acoustic instruments. Minecraft has made this easy for me because of its intuitive control scheme and hackability.

Materials: Participants can control my character with commands posted to my Twitch chat - while my setup is up and running.
Angie C
Brainwave-Controlled TONTO Q&A Session with Angie C
Sunday 5/16 : 10:30 PST : Presentation
Please feel free to drop by and chat with Angie C about Brainwave-Controlled TONTO!
flairdrum - Magic bottle music
Sunday 5/16 : 11:00 PST : Performance
Listen to the soothing sound of the flairdrum, a xylophone out of PET bottles. Applied with air pressure, a PET bottle can create an astonishingly clear and brilliant sound. Thus, a unique instrument is created.

The songs are all my own compositions, in melodic and repetitive patterns, strongly influenced by West African rhythms. Music to dream away and relax.

Materials: Make yourself comfortable
Improvisational Sound Art in Memphis
Sunday 5/16 : 11:30 PST : Performance
I will be in Memphis on a skateboarding trip with my son for his 14th birthday and I will find a space in our hotel, in nature, or at the skatepark to perform live using battery-powered amps and clip mics to improvise a sound art performance.

Materials: No materials or prerequisites. I will be performing via zoom
Thadeus Frazier-Reed
Sunday 5/16 : 12:00 PST : Performance
bandy is an interactive performance that allows people to play real musical instruments by playing a game on a web app and viewing the result through a live stream or video conference. My session will be a live performance "venue" where guests can join, go to the provided web address to enter the game (preferably on their mobile device so they can watch/participate in the Zoom call), and affect a band of controllable musical instruments that will be displayed on the call.
I had anticipated that this would be available at all times during the festival so I am happy to do this Zoom version more than once if there is time available. If not I will most likely also live stream on YouTube during the festival so people can still join and see the result.

Materials: All software and instruments will be provided by myself. I will join the Zoom call at the appointed time to display the live view of the "band". It would be preferable to provide the audience links to bandy ( as part of the program of events but I will also provide the info on screen as part of the video feed.
bandy is a web app that works with most modern browsers so users with a fairly recent computer or mobile device with recent browser should be able to play with no issue. There is nothing for them to download and there is no sign-up or log-in requirement to play.
Guilherme S Guinski
Bukabog - Study on Detachment and Deprivation Live
Sunday 5/16 : 12:30 PST : Performance
A gloomy, introspective, and oppressive realtime live soundtracking and projection of the works "Study on Detachment and Deprivation" and "Flickering Dream," using homemade noise generators and effects.
Chachi Jones
Designing Custom Mounts for Motors and Solenoids
Sunday 5/16 : 13:00 PST : Presentation
Motors and solenoids are essential components for making percussion machines. To use them, though, you need a way to attach them to the object they're striking. In this presentation you'll learn how to design custom mounts for various motors and solenoids using the free online tool Tinkercad, suitable for 3D printing or laser cutting.

Materials: It would be helpful to create a free account on and familiarize yourself with the software by working through the built-in tutorials.
Carlos Chinchillas Terrazas
Sunday 5/16 : 13:30 PST : Performance
Performing with tabletop microtonal harp and handmade electronic circuits controlled by light.
Bryan Day
Seeded Plain Performance
Sunday 5/16 : 14:00 PST : Performance
Seeded Plain formed in 2007 when instrument inventors and builders Jay Kreimer and Bryan Day started recording together after being introduced by colleagues in the Lincoln, Nebraska experimental music community. Together they have toured the US, Mexico and Europe, performing concerts and presenting instrument-building workshops. Seeded Plain have released eight full-length albums and are planning on a new collaborative project using instruments built in India in 2022.

Jay Kreimer is a musician, instrument maker, sculptor, composer and educator. More to the point, he is an alchemist of hardware stores, surplus catalogs, and discarded objects, who assembles new things out of scraps of possibility. Kreimer has performed across Europe, including Dublin, Cork, London, Glasgow, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris, and played at D-22 in Beijing. He presented an interactive talk/performance at the 2008 ISIM conference in Denver, and Santa Cruz. In collaboration with Wendy Weiss, he has shown sound and sculptural work in Beijing, San Francisco, Vancouver, New York, Washington D.C, and showed a major installation in Kansas City and Tulsa. He spent the winter of 2009 in Vadodara, India, rewiring neuromuscular circuits by studying tabla. Kreimer also performs with The Mighty Vitamins.

Bryan Day is a sound artist, musical instrument designer, and conceptual artist based in San Francisco. Day's work investigates the delicate interplay between processed natural recordings and the amplified electronic sounds generated by his invented instruments. Using scavenged electronics, repurposed mechanical components, and amplified materials that you might find in your garage or your great uncle's office, he re-imagines them into constructivist sound sculptures. In addition to his own audio work, he runs Public Eyesore Records, which has been producing unusual and experimental music since the late nineties.

Materials: Nothing special, just a teleperformance. We can do a Q & A after the performance if that works.
univac and The Phonographer vs uni-Poo
Sunday 5/16 : 14:30 PST : Performance
univac will unleash uni-Poo against The Phonographer for a 30 minute noisy smack-down. Perhaps they will behave for a remote live audience. Noise and repetitive cacophony will ensue. Tape echo and looping will be involved.

univac's list of equipment abused:

°uni-Poo (CV-controlled circuit bent Poo-Chi robot dog toy with RF motor pickup)
°Modular synthesizer (only used as uni-Poo controller)
°The Phonographer (antique phonograph reproducer arm, contact mic'd, with replacement seamstress' pin as needle)
°Various rotating objects
°Electro Harmonix Super Replay
°Korg Kaoss Pad KP-1
°Roland Space Echo RE-201
°Moog Three Band Parametric Equalizer

Materials: Optional: Earplugs to stopper listeners' earholes. Required: Gently place the loudspeakers against their neighbors' adjoining wall and/or ceiling. Obvious: Hide the children and pets.
David Ramos Darwin
Iridiscent Stone (Part I)
Sunday 5/16 : 15:30 PST : Performance
This session is the first movement of a three. The whole session is the official presentation of the complete LEgendary Circuit Bending Orchestra. Due to the short time available I have chosen a part of the first movement titles "Iridiscent Stone".
Tetsuji Katsuda
Musical Robots and Tatami Instruments
Sunday 5/16 : 19:00 PST : Presentation
We introduce musical robots and Tatami musical instruments.
Musical robots plays metallophone and electric drums.
Tatami instruments are instruments made with Tatami (Japanease Traditiona rug).
Tatami instruments include Japanese traditional instruments such as Shamisen and Koto.
We explain about robots and tatami instruments, how they works and how they were made.
We also perform ensemble of robots and Tatami instruments in addition to the presentation.