Maker Music Festival 2023 Live Events

Makey Makey
Music Education Convo
May 20th : 8AM PST : Virtual Event
Presenter: Joe Szuecs & others Join this diverse array of music educators to find out their ideas about how music education has changed with the creation of digital tools and maker technologies. We will chat about ideas for integrating maker tech into music education!

What? Panel Discussion on using Maker Technology and Makey Makey in the Music Classroom

Why? The team at JoyLabz is very interested in creating a set of Musical activities / Musical Curriculum to help more music teachers embed technology into traditional music education classrooms engaging students in tech and music!

Who? Marvin Jaen is a talented music educator with unique and interesting idea for incorporating Makey Makey and Music; Yui Shikakura and Enrico Bertelli are Conductive Music educators in the UK that teach technology and music at schools around the UK (and the world); Victoria Davis is Director of Education for the amazing Opera on Tap program.

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Center for New Music
Opening Reception
Thursday, June 1st : 6PM PST : Live Event
Presenter: Joe Szuecs & others The Maker Music Festival was invited by the nice folks at the Center for New Music in San Francisco to curate their Windows Gallery exhibit space for the months of May and June. We pulled together a small representative sampling of exhibits for the public to enjoy. On the evening of June 1st there will be a reception complete with presentations and live performances. We recently lost new music innovator Tom Nunn so a group of Tom's former collaborators will perform on his instruments.

This event is free to the public.

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