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Patrick and Peter from Plezi Rara tell the kids about the kone horns and show them how they are played.
None Each kone horn makes only one or two notes, so how do you play a whole song? By playing together.

Patrick and Peter from Plezi Rara joined HONK Kids Camp in 2018 to show the kids how to play songs on their kone horns.

The HONK Kids Camp, a week-long, interdisciplinary arts camp held at the Staten Island Children's Museum, inspires new generations of young people to create the musical world they want to see, empowering them with the tools to make it happen in their own communities.

Plezi Rara : Haitian Rara Band
The maker Plezi Rara
Come, experience, and enjoy with us as we embark on our new journey as Haitian musicians looking to strive and succeed in doing what we love. Playing Rara.

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