Swunky Z

a combination of Swing and Funk, this New Orleans style horn band provides an outlet for all your swunky needs.
9 piece horn and drum band Playing arrangements of traditional New Orleans marching band music and original songs, these jazz players let it all hang out.

Lily White : Bandleader/Improvisor
Lily White plays saxophone, flute, and sings in a number of projects. Her newest band, "Swunky Z", a 9 piece horn and percussion band, combines swing and funk (hence: SWUNK) With co-leader Todd Isler on drums, they aim to bring the Swunk to as many people as possible.

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How I can help you:
We provide foot-stomping, blood-rousing music that is fully portable! We don't need amps or electricity, only the power of the Swunk!
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