HONK NYC Guest Feature

A few videos from Pakava It', a favorite HONK NYC band from Moscow, Russia.
Pakava It With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, it was impossible to invite our friends from overseas to join the festival in person this year. So here's a feature from Pakava It', who last played HONK NYC in 2014. We hope to see them again soon!

Pakava It' : music, dance, Fanfare, street music, brass band, лучший духовой оркестр, moscow street art
The maker Pakava It'
Pakava It’ came into being literally in the streets of Moscow. The innumerable boulevards and parks of the enormous metropolis were the first stage of the orchestra. Mad rhythm and mad dissonances of the Russian capital, where the socialist past and the bourgeois future, the ignorance of the new riche and lively modern culture, desperate chase for luck and unbelievable human warmth exist next to each other, shape the music of Pakava.

Pakava It ’ unites 5 to 20 musicians with most different musical backgrounds. Everything is represented: from jazz and classical period over Ska up to the Russian, Balkan, African and Latin American dance music. This stylistic variety determines the sound of the orchestra.

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