El Pito

A classic Joe Cuba tune, covered by Spanglish Fly
A classic Joe Cuba tune, covered by Spanglish Fly Live from the streets of Brooklyn, it's Spanglish Fly, the world's best and baddest and most beautiful Latin boogaloo band!

Spanglish Fly : Brooklyn Boogaloo
The maker Spanglish Fly
"THE NEW KINGS OF BOOGALOO!" – Felix Contreras, NPR's Alt.Latino.

SPANGLISH FLY: part band, part celebration, eleven musicians hailed as the premier band of the Latin boogaloo revival, "single-handedly reviving sixties bugalú in NYC" (NBC New York). Boogaloo! that mix of Latin and soul/R&B music that emerged from the clubs, the street corners, the transistor radios and the pool halls of 1960s Spanish Harlem, "El Barrio." Bugalú blends Afro-Caribbean percussion and rhythms with the fervor, the feeling, and the bluesiness of 60s-era soul. SPANGLISH FLY "roars through covers, originals, and transformations of previously untouched soul hits" (Village Voice). Two bilingual women vocalists front a band of three percussionists, four horns, bass and piano/organ.

SPANGLISH FLY's multicultural cast has origins in Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Japan, Argentina, and Upper Manhattan. They come together in New York City to create quintessential music of the US streets.

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